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SDCC 2019: New ‘The Good Place’ Gag Reel & Release Date Revealed!

Published on July 20th, 2019 | Updated on July 20th, 2019 | By FanFest

The last episode of The Good Place ended on a dreary note. Chidi and Eleanor said goodbye before Chidi’s memory got wiped. Eleanor is at the end to guide a Chidi back into The Good Place without him having a clue he knows Eleanor. It felt like a very open end. So, I was thrilled that they decided to make one more season, and end the show at their own time.

Now that San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, we could expect some news on the last season. They never announced a trailer, but it only made sense that they treated to something this weekend. It might not be a trailer, but a good gag reel from the third season will do for now! The gag reel includes slightly over 8 minutes of fun recognisable moments that went wrong in hilarious ways.

Take a look below at the trailer:


At the beginning of June, the official Twitter page announced that the show would end after season 4. They said that having just over 50 episodes, was a lifespan that felt just right for them. I’m sad to see this show go. Not by being cancelled by the studio. I have so much respect for Michael Schur for completing the story in his way.

There isn’t known a lot about the plot of the series. The premiere will most likely pick up to show that normal humans have the capability of being redeemed. Michael Schur once told the Hollywood Reporter that the show would repeat the experiment of Michael’s neighbourhood. This time, there will be new people, and they’ll see what happens.

“Their wager is that any group of people if given a certain amount of love, support, empathy, and help, can become better. That essentially, no one is beyond rehabilitation. That’s the first chunk of episodes: repeating this experiment with these new people and having our crew now shift from students to teachers a bit.” – Michael Schur to the Hollywood Reporter. 

Although it is the end of a great series, we have so much to look forward to in this final season. At the panel, they announced that Kristen Bell would be directing one of the episodes, and we will meet one more Janet! Are you excited for The Good Place to return for its final season? Let us know in the comments below.

The Good Place will premiere on September 26!

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