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SDCC 2017: No ‘Nerdist Podcast Live’ or Stand-Up Show, Chris Hardwick Confirms

Published on May 19th, 2017 | Updated on May 22nd, 2017 | By FanFest

What is going on SDCC??? Before we know it, someone will announce that there will be no SDCC at SDCC…GAH!!!

With recent announcements that there will be no SherlockeDCC, no Entertainment Weekly Con-X, Zachary Levi’s heartbreaking announcement that there will be no Nerd HQ and now this? No Nerdist?? If you tell me later that there will be no The Walking Dead then I’m just done!! Just kidding SDCC!

Earlier today, Chris Hardwick announced via Facebook live that there would be no Nerdist Podcast, nor, his usual stand-up appearance that SDCC has had every year at the Balboa Theatre. The announcement came during a Q&A session for his ID10T Fest.

He makes the announcement at the very end of the live feed. For those who don’t wish to watch it above, here’s the jist of what he said:

“We’re breaking tradition this yearIt just started to get to be too much. My days were like 15 hours long, I was moderating 10-13 panels, which was fun, but it’s also stressful because you don’t want to fuck up the panel in front of 7,000 people. In front of folks like Marvel, or Star Wars. Booking the podcast for SDCC, I would get chest pains. When you’re trying to book people, no one really confirms who’s even going to Comic-Con until like two weeks before. So we would announce, like hey, we’re doing a podcast at San Diego Comic-Con! And people’s first question was, “Who’s the guest? I don’t want to buy tickets unless I know who the guest is.” So we just never knew until the last couple of weeks. There were a couple of years where I was like, oh. We’re just not going to have a fucking guest this year. And then it always at the last minute worked out, but it was very stressful,”

If you have ever been to SDCC then you know that what he says is 100% true…He is EVERYWHERE! From his Podcast Live to his Stand-up, or from moderating a panel to Conival, sometimes it’s as though it should be it’s own entity, a Hardwi-Con maybe?

When he’s not taping The Wall, @Midnight, or Talking with Chris Hardwick, he’s focusing on his ID10T Festival in Silicon Valley , which is a cross between a comic conival and a music festival with panels and more.

I have never seen Chris Hardwick NOT working!!!

He did say, “maybe we’ll be back next year with Matt and Jonah.”

Well, I’m curious to see what SDCC’s offsite events will be like this year and hopefully next, we’ll have Hardwick’s podcast, show as well as Nerd HQ back the way it should be so that everything can be right in the “Nerd-iverse”.

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