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SDCC 2017 Exclusives: ‘ENTERTAINMENT EARTH’ (Update) ‘Spider-Man’

Published on June 22nd, 2017 | Updated on June 22nd, 2017 | By FanFest

When it come to exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con, the first names you think of are Funko and Hasbro, but Entertainment Earth has become one of the fastest growing companies when it comes to generating large amounts of exclusives, second only to Funko.

The Entertainment Earth Booth # 2343 is a must to stop by and grab a few collectibles. As with other exclusives, buyers can pre-order and have the items shipped to them after the convention is over, or just stop by their booth and purchase them there, while supplies last.

Let’s see what we can expect this year:


[UPDATE: 6/22/17]

Spider-Man Wooden Push Puppet

$8.99 retail

Features a 5″ scale floppy wooden puppet. Figure collapses and moves when button is pushed and then stands again. The solid wood figure is hand-painted with some decal elements. It is individually numbered with a holographic sticker. (Ages 14+)



[UPDATE: 6/20/17]

Thor and Hulk Classic Tiki Tiki Totem Set of 2

$17.99 Retail

Stackable wooden Tiki Tiki Totem pieces standing about 3″ tall. Thor and Hulk have 360° artwork and is a limited edition set with a holograohic sticker and production number. (Ages 14+)



[UPDATE: 6/14/17]

Star Trek: The Original Series Talking Spock Bobble Head

$24.99 Retail

6 1/4″ figure of First Officer Spock (not including base) as a bobble head from Bif Bang Pow! Features six classic phrases spoken by Leanard Nimoy as Spock. Phrases include: “Highly Illogical.” “Fascinating.” “Live Long and Prosper.” “Vulcan’s Never Bluff.” “Insufficient facts always invite danger.” and “Transporter room – ready to beam up.” (Ages 14+)


DC/Batman: Batmobile Tumbler Camouflage with the Dark Knight Batman and Bane Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set

$24.99 retail

Inspired by The Dark Knight 2012 film, the Batmobile is given a camo touch. The Wooden vehicle has a 2″ scale with rolling wheels and seats 2 Bif Bang Pow! Pin Mate™ figures. Includes 2″ scale Batman (#47) and Bane (#48) Pin Mate™ figures. Individually labeled with a holographic sticker. (Ages 14+).


Spider-Man and Green Goblin Pin Mate™ Wooden Figures with Glider and Stackable Diorama

29.99 retail

Features Spider-Man (#11) and Green Goblin (#13) Pin Mates™ and a wooden diorama of the New York City skyline. Includes the Goblin Glider and both 2″ scale figures are individually numbered within the Marvel Pin Mate™ series. (Ages 14+)


World of Nintendo Super Mario and Princess Peach 8-Bit Mini Figures 2-Pack

14.99 retail

Packaged in a retro ’80s style television box, the set recreates the ending of the Super Mario Bros. classic video game. Includes a pixeled Mario and pixeled Princess Peach, each standing 2 1/2″ tall. (Ages 3+)


Invisible Jet with Wonder Woman Evolution Pin Mate™ Wooden Figure Set of 4

24.99 retail

This set of four features the evolution of Wonder Woman. Includes 2″ scale wooden Golden Age Wonder Woman™ (#36), Silver Age Wonder Woman (#19), Wonder Woman™ New 52 (#37), and Wonder Woman™ Rebirth (#52) figures and her invisible jet. Each figure is individually numbered within the DC Comics Pin Mate ™ series. All figures fit inside the plane and the set is also individually numbered with a holographic sticker. (Ages 14+).


KISS Destroyer Tin Tote Gift Set

$49.99 retail

Limited Edition set includes a 8 5/8 ” wide x 7″ tall x 4″ deep metal tote and features the Pin Mate figures in the Destroyer-era artwork on all sides including the album cover on the front. Inside tote, you will find a 5-oz plastic KISS flask with a stainless steel interior along with 4 four 2″ scale figures of The Catman, The Demon, The Starchild and The Spaceman. Each Set is individually numbered with a holographic sticker. (Ages 14+).


Star Trek: The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Monitor Mate

11.99 retail

Make sure you stop and pick up this Star Trek: The Next Generation Enterprise Monitor Mate Bobble Ship with a clear base. Made of PVC plastic and stands 2 5/8″ long x 1 7/8″ tall x 2″ wide including base. It comes with a non-damaging adhesive pad that sticks to any smooth surface or onto a monitor.


Deadpool Wood Push Puppet

8.99 retail

A 5″ scale wooden Deadpool puppet collapses, moves and stands again when the hidden button on the bottom of the base is pushed. Features hand-painted artwork as well as some decals. Each puppet is individually numbered with a holographic sticker. Limited to only 492 figures. (Ages 14+)


Twin Peaks Welcome to Twin Peaks Sign Monitor Mate Bobble

11.99 retail

Monitor Mate can stick to the top of your monitor or other smooth surfaces. The iconic sign measures 3 1/2″ tall x 2 3/4″ wide with the sign reading “Welcome to Twin Peaks – Population 51,201.”  Individually numbered with a holographic sticker. (ages 18+).

So don’t forget to stop by the Entertainment Earth Booth # 2343 to grab a few collectibles or pre-order now to have them shipped directly to you after the convention. (While supplies last).

Keep checking here for more SDCC 2017 exclusive releases and/or updates.

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