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Scream Queens Season 2 Premieres with ‘Scream Again’

Published on September 21st, 2016 | Updated on September 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

Scream Queens is back and season 2 kicked off not just with a tragedy flashback scene – like season one – but with a healthy dose of dark humor, some blatant narcissism, and  a creepy swamp that’s destined to come into play at some point during this season.

The hospital, also known as the C.U.R.E institute gives hope to the hopeless with it’s mission statement ‘where the incurable are cured‘.  The head of this hospital is none other than Dr. Munsch – Dean Munsch in season 1 – who got into medicine by receiving her honorary doctorate that was ‘stripped from Bill Cosby’.  Her incredibly warped mind is back this season too as she makes outrageous promises to patients and hires a staff of, well, interesting doctors – including Zayday.

Dr. Cascade (played by Taylor Lautner) seems young and aloof, but as the episode progresses you learn that he may be one of the only who are at the hospital for the right reasons. Dr. Holt (John Travolta’s character) admits that he was found by Dr. Munsch because of a spread he did in Playgirl when he was at Mayo and she offered him a raise…standard reason to transfer to a ridiculous hospital.

There was also a little bit of a Twilight reference in a scene with Dr. Cascade that was every bit of perfect, and honestly, if you paid enough attention, Dr. Cascade brings out his inner ‘Edward’ quite a few times during the episode.

“You’re freezing” 
“Yeah, I run cold.”
“My grandmother runs cold, she has to wear a little knit cap in the fall but you, you feel like a block of ice”
“Well, I envy ice, at least if you give it warmth it melts”

We’re also let in on the fact that the Chanels were eventually found innocent when Hester confessed to the murder thinking she couldn’t be convicted because of double jeopardy, even though she wasn’t the one tried at first.  They soon found out, however, that being innocent did not mean they were suddenly well liked – in fact, society hated them.

Due to this realization, Chanel decides that they should try to do good for the community and turns out Chanel herself was quite good at ‘poking people’.  Before long, Dr. Munsch finds the Chanels and invites them to ‘intern’ at their hospital even though the three are convinced that they’re doctors now.  However, while they’re still quite self absorbed as a group, as the episode progresses, she actually seems to put forth a little bit of effort in the hospital. Even if it is just to impress “Dr. Hot”.

The first patient at the hospital is suffering from a condition that covers her body in hair, and a lot of it, so throughout the show the staff comes together to try to find a cure and it turns out that cure comes from Chanel and Dr. Holt – not what anyone was expecting.  After she’s cured however, she loses all of her hair which inspired the Chanels to bring some of their own spirit into the hospital as they give her a total makeover.

Of course, what would a premiere episode of Scream Queens be without a murderous villain coming in with a bang? The flashback scene from the very beginning comes full circle as the first cured patient of the C.U.R.E Institue gets killed, and seemingly, so does Chanel number 5.

Previews for the season show a rising body count, some steamy romance, and more patients rolling into the C.U.R.E Institute hoping to be cured by the promises of Dr. Munsch; it’ll be an interesting ride to see how they mirror season 1 and how they give this season it’s own shock factor.


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