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Scream Queens Season 1 Recap and Season 2 First Look

Published on September 19th, 2016 | Updated on September 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

Fox’s hit series Scream Queens is back for season two on Tuesday September 20th at 9/8c and fans have been anxiously anticipating it’s return. From a new setting, intriguing new cast members, and come on – John Stamos & Taylor Lautner – this season looks to be bringing an exciting new aspect of both fear and snarky commentary to the remaining ‘Chanels’.

Scream Queens made it’s television debut in 2015 and was an instant pop culture fanatic’s dream.  It’s sarcastic, dark, has a hot cast, and mixed in some urban legends type fear and disturbing kills targeted at a predominantly blonde seemingly perfect sorority house. Emma Roberts led the young female cast as the sorority leader and the rest of the house were numbered Chanels, mirrored in her ‘flawless existence’.  They had side-boob mixers, stood responsible for intoxicating a goat, and had the attention of the entire Wallace Campus; and not always in a good way.

While it was easy for Chanel Oberlin to reign in a group of dedicated followers, there were people who didn’t buy everything Chanel was selling.  Ironically, it seemed that those people were some of the first to start falling victim to the Red Devil – the serial killer who was hell-bent on waking down various members of the Kappa Kappa Tau house.

There is an underlying mystery that comes from a flash back scene taking viewers to 1995, where a sorority girl died in a bathtub after giving birth because her sisters couldn’t be bothered to call an ambulance until they’d finished a dance number – obviously that’s a thing.  Turns out, that scene has a lot more to do with the current house, campus staff, and pledges than anyone could imagine.  While the focus of the series is, in large, the narcissism of the aforementioned sorority girls and their inability to welcome anyone different from them, the deaths do actually bother some characters and they set out to solve the mystery of who inhabits that Red Devil costume and if one of them could be that baby in the bathtub.

By the end of the season, viewers learn that there are actually two murderers and one isn’t a surprise, as he all out confessed that he was the Red Devil in the episode prior, but the other killer’s identity did come as a shock to most; one of the sorority sisters turned on her own.  In true narcissistic form, she didn’t just go on a murder spree, she had a fool proof plan to plant her crimes on Chanel, Chanel number 3 and Chanel number 5 so she got walked away being hailed a hero.

The season ended with the Chanels being taken to an institution instead of a prison as the judge was convinced they weren’t just evil, but that they were absolutely crazy too and within moments it was revealed that they actually enjoyed the company.  The Chanels once again reigned as ‘most popular’ and created a house system in the institute, is anyone even surprised?

Season 2 is predicted to be more dark, humorous, and out of the box as the old and new characters merge together in a hospital for the incurable.  If you’ve yet to watch season 1, it’s not too late to catch up on some must watch moments and episodes before the premiere and if you have, watch all the first looks, trailers, and sneak peeks into the already intoxicating season 2.


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