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‘Scream Queens’ Recap ‘Skin Deep’

Published on September 27th, 2016 | Updated on September 27th, 2016 | By FanFest

This weeks episode of Scream Queens called Skin Deep started off similarly to an episode of Criminal Minds with the investigation of Catherine’s death.  Viewers were left wondering what happened to Chanel number 5 who appeared to be slashed to death last week as well but alas, she was alive and ready to yet again be a suspect in a murder investigation.

This didn’t sit well with Zayday however and she brought in the help of Chamberlin, a character similar to a modern day candy striper, to find out why exactly Dean Munsch turned into Dr. Munsch and put everything she had into a hospital that only takes on a handful of patients.  On top of that, Zayday wanted to figure out why Dr. Munsch would hire a bunch of girls she hates to work there – could it be an act of revenge?

Viewers were also introduced to the next case at C.U.R.E; a man with tumors that have taken over his entire body.  In usual dark humored hospital fashion, the doctors and nurses made him feel like his case was a lost cause unless he found enough money for an incredibly expensive laser.  It’s worth mentioning that the poor patient is none other than Colton Haynes and after Chanel number 5 sees a photo of him without the tumors, she’s determined to raise money to make his surgery possible.

Oh, young love and narcissism. 

Her bright idea to raise the money is a deeply emotionally charged ‘fundraising video’ to a Sarah McLachlan song which the other Chanels tell her is a terrible idea, because when she raises the money and Tyler’s tumors get removed – he’ll ditch her for sure.  This spurs Chanel number 5 to date and fall for him even with the tumors, that way he’ll obviously feel obligated to stick with her, even when he’s hot again.

It wouldn’t be an episode of Scream Queens without a good flashback scene and the one on tonight’s episode was killer, quite literally. It took fans back to a Halloween Massacre with the same green swamp monster who is killing patients in present day time as well; or at least someone in the same costume.

Zayday, having found out that the massacre was covered up but that green slime was present both at those deaths and the death of Catherine was irate.  She approached, Dr. Munsch who quickly admits that she didn’t start this hospital to kill off the Chanels; she started it to find out what mystery disease is ailing her.  Not long after her emotional confession she is attacked by the swamp monster in the halls of her hospital and puts up a good fight with gives her the perfect opportunity to pull the monster’s mask off and reveal it’s identity. However, seconds before she’s able to do so Chanel number 3 and Dr. Cascade interrupt her concentration and the monster escapes.

Desperate to find out who the killer is, the group travels to reunite with Hester who they believe may be able to give them some answers and she seems to know what they’re missing, what clues are right in front of them, but they have to meet some demands before she’ll offer up her wisdom.  They argue about what she requests and she simply shrugs them off, telling them to “fly away little birds” before leaving them none the wiser.

Through the episode there is an ongoing competition of who’s more masculine as Chad, Chanel’s ex from college makes his return to the show and starts to investigate Dr. Holt’s transplanted hand. Chanel and Dr. Holt have begun dating and Chad decided that he wanted her back so he is out to bring Dr. Holt down. He finds out, through some research of his own, that Dr. Holt’s hand came from a serial killer which is something Dr. Holt was keeping secret from everyone else.

Speaking of serial killers, by the end of this week’s episode it’s cemented; there is another serial killer coming for their lives and it’s time to figure out why.  If you’ve yet to catch up with this season of Scream Queens, there is a break in episodes, the next new one won’t come on for two weeks, so you’ve got time to watch for yourself and prepare for what’s to come.

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