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Scream Queens Recap: Halloween Blues

Published on October 18th, 2016 | Updated on October 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

If you’re a fan of Scream Queens, chances are you’re quite shocked at the path tonight’s episode took.  While there was still the necessary amount of sarcasm, self-loathing, and overconfidence that makes the show tick; this episode was darker – at least, as dark as you can get surrounded by all that powder pink and glitter that fuel the Channels – and another killer was added to the mix.

That’s right, on Halloween Blues Chanel Oberlin suffered the loss of her fiance, who just so happens to be her cheating on again off again romance from college, as well as a mysterious rash that begins showing up on her body; and everyone knows Chanel is nothing without her rockin bod and handsome lover. Another thing Chanel needs to survive, quite possibly more than oxygen, is money, and well, she loses that too.

Chad’s lawyer tells Chanel that he left his fortune to Dr. Munsch and the C.U.R.E Institute and it just so happened that the big change happened on the day of his murder; totally not suspicious at all – right?

Another person rocked by Chad’s death is Denise and through the episode, and a seance, we learn that she was the true apple of Chad’s eye and he just wanted Chanel for her money.

In the middle of these truly shocking revelations and Chanel handing out Chanel-o-ween surprise gifts (in the form of rude letters and offputting presents for her ‘fans’) Hester is also allowed out of her holding cell for 24 hours.  This gives her just enough time to go to the Halloween Party, which is totally still on, and to tell Denise and Dr. Munsch who the killer is.  This is, of course, Scream Queens so obviously that was a terrible idea.

Hester puts on a Halloween costume, and not the one she was assigned, and begins a mission to take more lives; so now there’s not just one killer on the prowl, there are two, and as we all know, Hester is motivated by jealousy and desperation: quite a disturbing combination.

If all of that wasn’t dramatic enough, by the end of the episode Chanel number 5 who just can’t catch a break, is an almost casualty and Denise is taken down by the green swampy monster killer.

Oh, and Chanel – she’s blue, and not just figuratively. 

Next week’s episode of Scream Queens is sure to be packed full of more snark, more death, and more hidden agendas; and we’ve officially been completely sucked into this season. It’s inescapable, it’s dramatic, and it’s an hour of television that makes you laugh – there’s nothing more necessary than that.

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