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Scream Queens Isn’t Returning to Fox this Fall

There’s bad news for Scream Queens fans as Monday brought the announcement that the series won’t be returning to Fox this fall. The series has brought laughs tinged with fear – both out of this world and relatable to fans who tuned in for an all-star cast and some captivatingly sarcastic dialogue. The memes, gifs, and even Halloween-inspired costumes were only part of the reflection that this show was a hit with young adults. News of it being cut has fans channeling their inner Chanels.

Scream Queens Isn't Returning to Fox this Fall

Monday morning brought a conference call with reporters where Fox executives said that they didn’t have plans to air the show again. They also said that they felt like Ryan Murphy told a complete story with the two season that aired.

Fox co-chair Gary Newman said this of the announcement. “Scream Queens was an anthological series. Ryan told the story of a group of characters he created over the course of the two seasons. It feels as if it was a complete story, we have no plans at this point to go back there and tell more stories. We won’t be seeing Scream Queens this season.”

Some fans are still holding out hope that Ryan Murphy could change his mind, or that the series could go to a new network but for now, it looks like Scream Queens is as dead as we thought Nick Jonas’ character was before we realized that he’d come back in a Joaquin Phoenix disguise.

Here’s hoping Scream Queens gets a second life as well. We don’t feel like we’ve hit our full dose of Chanel one-liners yet, and yes maybe we only use them in our heads because we just don’t think we could actually bring ourselves to say some of them…but they’re still gold.

Scream Queens as well as Rosewood and Sleepy Hollow all got the ax from Fox ahead of its fall schedule release. You can check out more of Fox’s fall lineup here.

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