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MTV’s ‘Scream’ Halloween Special Review

Published on October 21st, 2016 | Updated on October 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

Following the Season 2 finale of Scream, fans were wondering just what was next for Lakewood’s Favorite (albeit ever dwindling) survivors. Was this it? Would there be another season? Enter the “Halloween Special”. Comprised of two episodes  (Halloween 1/Halloween 2) squeezed into one feature length movie, this special bridges the gap between Season 2 and the just announced Season 3 ( for a shorter 6 episode run).

Set roughly 6-8 months following the Season 2 finale, we witness Kieran’s sentencing to 10 consecutive lifetime sentences for his role in 2 season’s worth of murders. Shortly after being put in the court holding cell, someone in the Branden James costume has a different sentence for Keiran: The Death Penalty! (Yes, I just did that)

The other survivors have begun to lead somewhat normal lives: Audrey is still working at the theater and even has a girlfriend now,Gina. Emma is trying to figure out if college is for her, while Brooke is trying to figure out if college in NY with Stavo is for her. Speaking of Stavo, he’s been putting his art to good use to create a very successful True-Crime Graphic Novel with Murder Enthusiast Noah and they’ve been trying find the right story for their follow up to please their editor Jeremy (newcomer Alex Esola).

Jeremy, wanting to see an immediate return on his money tells them their next story: The Anna Hobbs Murders of Shallow Grove Island.  The story goes that Anna Hobbs murdered her parents and residents of the Whitan household one night before turning the garden shears on herself. To find out what happened (along with getting what they need to make the graphic novel),Jeremy says he is sending Stavo/Noah to Shallow Grove in a all expenses paid trip. Not wanting to go alone, they ask the usual suspects who all agree to go following the media circus that is stirred up following Kieran’s murder. 

Following that setup, your traditional slasher film starts mere minutes after they arrive on the island. The bodies start racking up as the potential suspects starts dwindling down to the point one character is brought up amongst the group as the Killer, before they literally go into the next room to find said person dead. The killer in this seems like a callback  or homage to the “Town That Dreaded Sundown” killer or Burlap Sack Head Jason from Friday the 13th Part 2 in the looks department, but keeps it fresh in the kills and weapon department. It would be very easy to phone this in, but the plot keeps chugging along at a brisk enough pace that the hour and a half goes by very quickly, not only leaving you wanting more but also in the end, giving you multiple hints at the storyline we may see play out in Season 3 next year.

All in all, this writer very much enjoyed the Halloween Special, and cannot wait to see what MTV has in store for Season 3 of Scream.

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