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Scott Gimple Already says Season 9 of ‘The Walking Dead’ will be ‘Very Different’

Published on October 2nd, 2017 | Updated on October 3rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Season 8 of The Walking Dead doesn’t premiere until October 22nd, but Scott Gimple has already given fans a bit of information about season 9. Or at least, a statement to keep in mind for the duration of season 8.

It comes as no surprise that, while speaking to, Gimple said that the seasons are being built long in advance, it’s not just season by season planning. There are intricate details that matter, and that will help viewers and the characters progress as the series does.

In terms of the way season 7 led into season 8 and the way 8 will lead into 9, Gimple assured fans that the set up was necessary exactly as it was. Viewers saw characters in various personal and emotional places in season 7. There were episodes dedicated to single battles of characters vs themselves and episodes where the focus was on personal journeys vs a group mentality, and it all had its purpose.

‘We knew we were going there, and even there’s aspects of this season that I won’t tell you, but we’re emphasizing because next season, especially the first half of next season, is going to be very, very different. You do your long range planning, and then you get just in the field of battle on that certain thing you’re doing. You think you’re doing it for one reason, you realize oh, you’re saving something for that. Or you’re going to be approaching it in a different way.’

We are looking forward to The Walking Dead‘s season 8, the all out war, and what season 9 will bring for those who survive it.

Oh and, if Daryl dies, we riot.


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