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Saw X: Movie Parodies Daring Spin on AMC Theatres’ Classic Nicole Kidman Ad

Published on September 13th, 2023 | Updated on September 13th, 2023 | By FanFest

Saw X: A Daring Spin on AMC Theatres’ Classic Nicole Kidman Ad

Saw X: Movie Parodies Daring Spin on AMC Theatres' Classic Nicole Kidman Ad

Introduction: How Saw X Alters the AMC Movie Theater Experience

There’s a significant chance that if you’ve been to an AMC movie theater lately, you’ve seen their longstanding ad featuring Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman. This polished commercial showcases Kidman appreciating the enchanting allure of cinema. However, the creators of the Saw franchise have an entirely different perspective on the movie-going experience, and they’ve laid it bare in their latest promo.

Billy the Puppet Steals the Spotlight: Saw’s Unique Take

In a refreshing turn of events, Billy the Puppet, the notorious toy used by the Jigsaw Killer to confound and petrify his victims, assumes Nicole Kidman’s role in the promotional clip for Saw X, the franchise’s upcoming tenth installment. The moment Billy wheels his eerie tricycle into the movie theater, we are treated to a darkly comedic soliloquy:

We come here to rediscover ourselves.
We arrive at theaters to cry out,
to plead, to engage.
That unspoken thrill we experience
When the lights flutter on and off,
and your pleas for help fall on deaf ears,
and you find yourself shackled in a grimy warehouse,
miraculously still alive.
Sharp objects on an enormous screen.
The palpable terror.
Oddly enough, self-dismemberment seems fitting in such a place.
Puzzles: The secret ingredients that elevate movies.

Hidden Easter Eggs: The Teasers Within the Promo

Intriguing scenes from Saw X are subtly interwoven into this promotional material. As a result, enthusiasts of the franchise will assuredly be scrutinizing the video, frame by frame, eager for even a morsel of insight into the forthcoming trailer.

Tobin Bell to Return as Jigsaw

The Storyline Unveiled: What Sets Saw X Apart?

Longtime Saw director/editor Kevin Greutert adopts a nostalgic yet revolutionary approach for Saw X. Serving as an interquel, the film fills the narrative gap between the first and second Saw movies. In this installment, John Kramer, also known as the Jigsaw Killer (portrayed by Tobin Bell), ventures to Mexico. His aim? To seek a remedy for his life-threatening cancer. What he encounters, however, is far from a cure. Instead, he comes across scammers preying on the vulnerable and chooses to impart one of his trademark life lessons.

“Kramer is the crux of the tale,” Kevin Greutert confided in Empire Magazine. “They attempted to produce the previous Saw film without Tobin, which was incredibly daring… This latest venture has scaled back to a somewhat more plausible realm. Perhaps not as straightforward as the first Saw, but certainly in the vicinity.”

Movie Release: Mark Your Calendars

Saw X will make its theatrical debut on September 29th. Prepare yourselves for a movie that not only carries the legacy of the franchise but also aims to redefine our notions of horror and thrill.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the series, Saw X promises an unforgettable movie-going experience. Don’t miss it.

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