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Samuel L. Jackson Moment Goes Viral at Tony Awards After Losing Award

Published on June 13th, 2023 | Updated on June 13th, 2023 | By FanFest

Samuel L. Jackson’s Expressions Go Viral at the Tony Awards

Despite not winning the coveted Tony Award for Best Actor in a Featured Role, Samuel L. Jackson captured the internet’s attention with his viral “losing face.”

Nominated for his outstanding performance in August Wilson’s “The Piano Lesson,” Jackson appeared far from thrilled as he anxiously awaited the announcement of the winner. Observant Twitter users couldn’t help but comment, with one user remarking, “Wow, Samuel L. Jackson DOES NOT want to be at the Tonys.”

Ultimately, the award went to Brandon Uranowitz for his role in “Leopoldstadt,” but cameras caught Jackson rolling his eyes overtly while reluctantly applauding his fellow nominee.

Predicting the viral potential, one Twitter user wrote, “Samuel L. Jackson does not have a good non-winner face. I’m sure his eye roll will be a meme.” Another user added, “Samuel L. Jackson’s face took me all the way out. He looks like he knew he wasn’t getting the Tony,” possibly explaining the 74-year-old actor’s subdued reaction.

Some viewers used the opportunity to voice their opinions on who they believed deserved the award, with one person expressing disappointment and stating, “Samuel L. Jackson didn’t win. I’m done watching the Tonys.” Another supporter of Uranowitz’s success shared their enthusiasm, saying, “Samuel L. Jackson was amazing in August Wilson’s ‘The Piano Lesson,’ but Brandon Uranowitz was magnificent in ‘Leopoldstadt.’ Also, he deserved a Tony for ‘Falsettos.’ I’m thrilled for him!”

Samuel L. Jackson Moment Goes Viral at Tony Awards After Losing Award

This marked Uranowitz’s first Tony Award win, and Jackson’s representative did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Fox News Digital.

The incident echoed a similar awkward moment at the 95th Academy Awards earlier this year. Angela Bassett, known for her role as Queen Ramonda in the “Black Panther” franchise, lost the Best Supporting Actress award to Jamie Lee Curtis for her performance in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Cameras captured Bassett’s disappointment as Curtis’s name was announced, and social media users noticed her lack of applause or smile, leading to some criticism labeling her a “sore loser.”

The world of awards shows always provides its fair share of memorable moments, and the reactions of actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett continue to spark conversations and memes among fans and viewers.

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