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Sam Raimi Reaffirms His Commitment to ‘Spider-Man 4,’ Adding that He’d Love to See it Happen

Published on May 1st, 2022 | Updated on May 1st, 2022 | By FanFest

Even a few years ago, the notion of seeing Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire reunited 20 years later to restart production on Spider-Man 4 would have been absurd, yet it’s quickly becoming something we can actually imagine.

When the multiversal plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home was revealed, everyone expected Maguire and Andrew Garfield to pay a visit to Holland’s canonical Peter Parker, and they didn’t disappoint. Raimi also returned to the superhero sandbox to direct Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which deals with alternate realities.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the director has now flatly stated that he’d be OK with a fourth Spider-Man film.

“If there was a great story there, I think it’d be … my love for the characters hasn’t diminished one iota. It would be the same things that would stop me now that stopped me then: “Does Tobey want to do it? Is there an emotional arc for him? Is there a great conflict for this character? And is there a worthy villain that fits into the theme of the piece?” There’s a lot of questions that would have to be answered. If those could be answered, then I’d love to.”

Given that Maguire has been very picky about his parts ever since his last film in spandex, it’s only natural to expect him to be the stumbling block for the film to come together. There’s no reason to be concerned, though, as fans may hold their breath in the hopes things fall into place sooner rather than later.

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