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Salma Hayek Shares Concerns About Her ‘Black Mirror’ Role

Published on June 15th, 2023 | Updated on June 15th, 2023 | By FanFest

Salma Hayek recently opened up about her initial reluctance to join the cast of “Black Mirror.” In Season 6 of the dystopian sci-fi series, Hayek confessed her apprehension about the “disgusting” and “grotesque” scenes she had to act in, fearing they would face significant criticism from viewers.

During a cover story interview for Radio Times, Hayek expressed her concerns and inner conflict about accepting the role. She questioned herself, wondering if she really wanted to be a part of it and if it would potentially land her in trouble. However, despite her reservations, Hayek eventually embraced the challenge and enjoyed her experience on the popular television series.

In “Black Mirror” Season 6, the 56-year-old actress portrays a fictionalized version of herself, a non-famous individual who is shocked by the launch of a new drama based on her life by a streaming platform. Hayek described this character as an alter ego, allowing her to explore the boundaries of what one wouldn’t do in real life, granting herself permission to delve into the most disgusting and grotesque aspects.

Salma Hayek Shares Concerns About Her ‘Black Mirror’ Role

Hayek found the opportunity to play an interpretation of herself both absurd and enjoyable. She saw it as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to delve into the concepts and clichés people associate with her, while also being self-deprecating.

“Black Mirror” Season 6 features a star-studded cast, including Michael Cera, Aaron Paul, Rory Culkin, and others.

These comments from Hayek came after she shared a risqué bikini photo of herself lounging on a boat, flaunting her fit physique and expressing her appreciation for everyday moments.

Hayek has been increasingly vocal about aging and her beauty image, recently embracing her grey hairs and sharing close-up photos where she humorously counts the number of white hairs and wrinkles that have “crashed the party” in the morning.

In another instance, she delighted her followers by showcasing her stunning figure in a bright yellow bikini as she took a refreshing dip in clear blue waters.



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Salma Hayek continues to captivate both on screen and through her candid reflections on life, embracing authenticity and self-expression.

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