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Sacha Baron Cohen in Talks to Star in Showtime Comedy Series

Published on July 6th, 2018 | Updated on July 6th, 2018 | By FanFest

There’s a new comedy series coming soon to Showtime, and reportedly Sacha Baron Cohen is in talks to star. The series is said to be similar to the format of Baron Cohen’s Da Ali G Show, a series which helped propel the actor/comedian to stardom.

Over the Fourth of July holiday, Baron Cohen posted a semi-cryptic tweet containing a video which teased his return. The video contained footage of President Donald Trump slinging insults at Baron Cohen. Throughout the brief video, Baron Cohen’s face would appear during the footage of Trump. At the end of the video, the words, “Sacha graduates soon,” appears just before a photo of the logo for the former Trump University is shown.

Baron Cohen’s series will not merely focus on Donald Trump though. According to Variety, Baron Cohen recently worked with O.J. Simpon on filming some type of stunt in Las Vegas this past February.

Beyond that, details related to the upcoming series are scarce, however, it appears that all might be made clear on July 15th. In the past week, Showtime has posted two cryptic teasers to their YouTube account.

The first video simply shows a black screen with white lettering appearing which ultimately reads, “We’d like to tell you about a new comedy that’s coming, but we can’t. The creators won’t let us show you a scene, the lawyers won’t let us tell you the name of the star, and we can’t even reveal the show’s title or we’d be breaking our nondisclosure agreement. So how do we promote perhaps the most dangerous show in the history of television when we’re not allowed to show it? Something huge is coming July 15th!”


The second teaser says, “If you think he’s shameless. If you think he’s cold-blooded. If you think she’s unhinged. Just wait – July 15th”


Baron Cohen is best known for his work on Da Ali G Show and for his films such as Borat and Bruno. Additionally, he starred in the film ådaptations of the musicals Sweeny Todd and Les Miserables.

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