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Ryan Reynolds Warns Hugh Jackman with Jacked ‘Deadpool 3’ Image of Himself Training for Film

Published on February 4th, 2023 | Updated on February 4th, 2023 | By FanFest

After completing his Broadway performance in The Music Man, Hugh Jackman confessed that he had to allot six months of rigorous training to get back into Wolverine shape for the highly-anticipated Deadpool 3 movie under Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thanks to Hugh Jackman’s extraordinary physical commitment during his first run as the mutton-chopped mutant, he is sure to be in optimal shape for when filming starts. However, he will need to work extra hard if he wants to measure up with Ryan Reynolds‘ current physique – one that can only be described as seriously swole!


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Don Saladino, an expert in crafting the perfect superhero body for many of Hollywood’s top stars, illuminated Reynolds’ ongoing workout routine as his training reaches its peak. And judging by how ripped he looks, it appears to be working!

With the highly-anticipated release of Deadpool 3 set for November 2024, we ponder if Jackman might feel a bit befuddled when he hears about Reynolds’s miraculously well-defined physique. There is no doubt that audiences far and wide will be dazzled by this muscular display!

It’s true that our beloved Aussie is turning 55 this year, and we all know that getting into Wolverine-like shape becomes increasingly difficult with age. Nonetheless, it is clear from their friendly rivalry over the past two decades that both actors relish competing against one another.

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