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Ryan Reynolds Helps Nathan Fillion Make the Right Coffee Mug choices

Published on September 15th, 2016 | Updated on September 15th, 2016 | By FanFest

Okay, so something between Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion happened in the last 24 hours. It’s best we start with the first Instagram picture that unlocked all this madness. Nathan Fillion posted a picture of his coffee mug. Take a look:

Let’s say that our very own Deadpool, wasn’t that happy with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man coffee mug. Take a look what Ryan Reynolds commented on Nathan’s Instagram! (Click to enlarge)


Now, three hours ago, Nathan Fillion, thought it was best to try it all again!

And, just an hour ago, Ryan Reynolds himself made a post on Instagram to say how much he applauds the decision that Nathan Fillion made. Take a look!

Isn’t this too funny? It’s awesome how Nathan Fillion adapted to quickly to the high standards. But hey, Ryan Reynolds is right. The first thing you do in the morning is taking a cup full of coffee. Better make the right decisions of which cup it will be!

Do you have awesome coffee mugs like this? Show us on Twitter what kind of mugs you have in your collection!


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