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Ryan Coogler to Write and Direct ‘Black Panther’ Sequel

Published on October 11th, 2018 | Updated on October 11th, 2018 | By FanFest

Director Ryan Coogler is locked in and ready to journey back to the magical land of Wakanda!

On Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Coogler had signed on for the upcoming Black Panther sequel. He has reportedly quietly closed a deal to write and direct the upcoming highly anticipated sequel film.

According to THR, Coogler will write the script starting early in 2019 with production expected to start late in 2019 or possibly in early 2020. As THR points out, Marvel and Disney have not yet released their full slate of release dates for their films in development, so it is possible for the projected timing to change.

Black Panther shattered box office records during its theatrical release receiving high praise from both fans and critics. From the time the film was in previews, critics had already created a buzz about possible Oscar nominations for the film. Black Panther seemed like a shoe-in for the Academy’s newly added Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film category before the category was quickly nixed. There is, however, still hope that Coogler and the film could be recognized by the Academy.

Even without the addition of the Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film category, Black Panther still has a solid chance of earning a nomination (and a win) in the Academy’s regular Best Film category. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently shared his thoughts on Black Panther‘s potential on an Oscar nomination. He said: “I think it would be a wonderful thing for Panther and for our production designer Hannah [Beachler], and our costume designer Ruth [Carter], and for Ryan [Coogler] who co-wrote the script with Joe Robert Cole, and of course directed the movie. And Michael B. Jordan, and Chadwick [Boseman] and Lupita [Nyong’o] and Letitia [Wright]. There’s amazing performances, amazing artistry in that. I’d love to see them recognized, and I’d love to see this genre recognized. Yes, they’re visual effects, yes, they are fun explosions, yes, there are spaceships. But these are all hand-crafted. Maybe it’s in front of a computer; it’s often actual sets, actual hand-built costumes. As much passion and artistry and talent go into every single one we do; it’d be amazing for them to be recognized.”

One thing is for sure, Coogler did an amazingly beautiful job on the first film, and we can’t wait to see what he can do on the sequel.

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