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Rumored ‘Pokémon Go’ Update Could Add Awesome Buddy System Feature

Published on September 2nd, 2016 | Updated on September 2nd, 2016 | By FanFest

In the past couple of weeks, Pokémon Go has seen a serious decline in the number of daily players.  While the game debuted strongly back in July, it seems some of that fan base has abandoned ship.  So, what could Niantic do in order to bring back those former players and possibly even get new players as well?  How about some awesome upgrades and changes!

One such rumored upgrade includes a new feature which could completely change the way we play the game.  It seems some Pokémon Go fans have datamined the latest version of the game and revealed a possible update called the Buddy System.

The Buddy System is rumored to allow a player to choose and train one specific Pokémon at a time.  Players would be able to select a specific Pokémon to buddy up with while walking around and searching for more to catch.  While walking with their buddy Pokémon, the player will earn candies for that Pokémon type.  Reportedly, you would only be able to walk one Pokémon at a time and, while you could walk the same Pokémon multiple times there would be a daily limit on how much candy you would get.

This update, if it actually happens, would be AWESOME!  Not only would it bring the focus of the game back to walking in order to achieve your goals but, it would also help tremendously with evolving and strengthening those rare finds, like my poor, lonely 695 CP Snorlax.

Many fans believe this update could be launched as early as next week.  While the launch date and the actual update itself has not been confirmed, new content, like this, could certainly help get Pokémon Go back reclaim some of its lost fan base.

What do you think about this possible update to the game?  Which Pokémon would you choose for your Buddy System Pokémon and what other types of upgrades would you like to see happen?

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