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Robin Lord Taylor helped Paul Reubens to get ‘Gotham’

Published on March 4th, 2016 | Updated on May 27th, 2016 | By FanFest

Now that Gotham is back ,the train keeps rolling. Robin Lord Taylor had an interview with Comicbook, at the mid-season premiere event in New York, and talked about how he got Paul Reubens on set to play his father in Gotham.

“I met Paul Reubens a couple of months before he was cast on Gotham, because he’s best friends with Carol Kane. Carol invited me and my husbands to brunch and said ‘my friend Paul is coming’, and we showed up and it’s Paul Reubens! He was in town doing Blacklist and we had an amazing, lovely brunch. The whole time we kept talking about it like ‘oh man, Paul, wouldn’t it be great if you played my dad? Carol’s my mom and you guys are best friends…’ “They apparently finished this meeting by taking a picture together and Robin sent this exact picture to the executive producer Danny Cannon.

Danny Cannon answered back with a ‘oh my f**cking God, I’ve been trying to get him for three weeks, to play your father!’ that’s when things started rolling.

Even though Paul didn’t have his debut yet, it has bee said that he’s going to be around for at least a few episodes. Penguin, who is staying at the Arkham Asylum, will need some guidance on his path. Will his father help him on the right path before Dr. Hugo Strange does his magic? We will know soon on the next episodes!

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