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Robert Kirkman Trolls Fans With ‘The Walking Dead’ Cliffhanger “Spoiler” On @Midnight

Published on May 26th, 2016 | Updated on May 26th, 2016 | By FanFest

Robert Kirkman knows exactly how fans feel about the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead.  This was never more evident than when the topic came up on Wednesday night’s episode of @Midnight.

For those who may not know, @Midnight is an improv comedy show hosted by Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central.  Celebrities appear on the show as contestants and play a series of games related to recent pop-culture and social media trending topics.  The celebs are challenge to come up with the funniest response relevant to the topic in pay at that time and are given POINTS for the best answer.  At the end of the show, the celeb with the most points is named Winner of the Internet.  It’s really a hilarious show and you all should be watching it.  (Ps.  @Midnight airs on Comedy Central Monday through Thursday at, can you guess what time?  Midnight!)


In Wednesday night’s episode, Chris Hardwick, brought up the cliffhanger topic during a game called “Cliff-Lamers”.  Kirkman was a contestant on the show along with Jonah Ray and Wil Wheaton.

“Well, today’s live challenge is about cliffhangers,” says Hardwick has he pulls out Negan’s Lucille from behind his podium and swings the bat over his shoulder.  Kirkman, attempting to avoid the topic at first, casually walks off stage as the crowd cheers.

Kirkman returns to the stage as Jonah Ray “lines up” on his knees at which point Hardwick replies, “If I hit you with this, at least we’d know who it was.”

And the taunting begins.  As they continue on with the show, Kirkman teases, “We’re cutting to black in the middle of the episode next time!”  But that wasn’t all he teased.  Check out the clip below

Now, this isn’t the first time that Kirkman has toyed with our emotions on @Midnight.  In February 2015, he appeared on the show along with Josh McDermitt and Lauren Cohan where, once again, they were asked to play a game involving The Walking Dead spoilers.  Most of the spoilers were light-hearted and funny until Kirkman took it one step too far.  The reactions from Cohan, McDermitt and the audience were priceless.

Thanks to the cliffhanger finale, we now know that part of this “spoiler” is, in fact, true so, does that mean Kirkman’s most recent appearance and “spoiler” could also, possibly, have some truth to it?

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