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Robert Englund Talks New Horror Film ‘The Midnight Man’ and more ‘Nightmare’

Robert Englund and Back To the Future star Ricky Dean Logan sat down for a panel at Walker Stalker Con Denver today. A fan asked Englund about his upcoming film, The Midnight Man.

He discussed how excited he is to be playing alongside Insidious star Lin Shaye. Englund confirmed that the film will be released in February 2017.

When asked about the possibility of another Nightmare on Elm Street remake, or if he would have any involvement, the star said no, but still has his predictions.

“I’m thinking they may combine three and four. I’m surmising, but she’s too old to play a kid so
I’m thinking th end joke they’ll have Tuesday Knight play her own mother. That’s
my theory that they’ll bring her back to do that. But for me, I can’t do Freddy any longer.” The star said.

Would you like to see another remake of Nightmare on Elm?

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