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‘Riverdale’ recap “Chapter 74: Wicked Little Town”

A third round of videotapes are plaguing the ‘Wicked Little Town.’ Oh yeah, this year’s musical episode is Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Principal Honey, of course, thinks the songs are inappropriate for the variety and Kevin fights back that it was made for his generation. Too right you are Kevin.

Kevin “goes rogue” to show Principal Honey that he can’t ‘Tear Me Down’ but ultimately gets Kevin kicked out of the variety show. Betty and the girls sing ‘Wig in a Box’ to help cheer him up.

To make things right, Choni and the River Vixens try to convince Principal Honey that Hedwig is alright by performing ‘Sugar Daddy.’ He believes the show is highly sexualized and threatens to banish anyone who sings a Hedwig song from prom.

Jughead goes to Charles for a much-needed schoolwork break. He’s been overloaded trying to catch up for graduation. Together they examine the videotapes. Jug is more invested in the new mystery than he is his schoolwork. Betty catches him and they fight through song with ‘Exquisite Corpse.’ Varchie joins in while fighting over Hiram’s illness.

While singing ‘The Origin of Love,’ Betty and Archie reminisce about the fun times and they kiss!? WHAT! NO! Jughead finishes his essay to apologize to Betty and Veronica apologizes with cupcakes. Betty and Archie feel so guilty for kissing, although with the ‘Wicked Little Town Reprise,’ Betty and Archie don’t seem completely sorry they did it.

A peaceful protest leads to the variety show getting canceled. Quick thinking Kevin books Veronica’s club for the show so it can still go on. The Fab Four with Kevin steal the show with ‘Midnight Radio.’

Jughead ends the episode by watching a recreation of his ‘death’ by people in Betty and Jughead masks… except the fake Jughead actually dies…


I am obsessed with these musical episodes! Hedwig’s songs are amazing and while the shows aren’t direct parallels, the feeling of unrest is prevalent in both of them. Plus, hearing Casey Cott belt out Tear Me Down gave me life. That and Sugar Daddy was perfect for Choni! One thing that bugs me, other than Betty and Archie cheating (Seriously guys, just don’t!) is whether Hiram is actually sick or not. I wouldn’t put it past him to lie.

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