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‘Riverdale’ recap “Chapter 70: The Ides of March”

Published on February 17th, 2020 | Updated on February 17th, 2020 | By FanFest

Jughead is no longer a member of Quill and Skull and his Baxter Brothers contract is in danger of being revoked. Now he’s being accused of plagiarism… Of course, Jug’s old laptop is missing so he can’t clear his name.

Betty brings a polygraph test to Stonewall. Jughead passes the test but that’s not enough for the preppies. Bughead searches for the laptop but it’s nowhere to be found. They do find Jughead’s Baxter Brothers’ submission, ready to print. It was rewritten by the preppies. They also learn that Brett has a tape of them having sex.

At his tribunal, Jughead bows out. Before he goes, he’s invited to one last hurrah in the woods, to celebrate the ides of March. He asks Betty to trust him as he has a trick up his sleeve. He dons his Serpent jacket and the rabbit mask and follows Brett into the woods.

Betty follows Donna into the woods hoping to scare Donna into giving up some information. Donna does reveal that she visited Evelyn Evernever who gave her a code word to set Betty off. This word isn’t tangerine.


Archie is not going to graduate on time. He has become overwhelmed with the community center and his father’s business and school and even considers selling Andrews’ Construction Co.

Given Hiram’s health scare, Veronica just wants to live in the moment and have fun but Archie is preoccupied with everything he has going on. Afraid that she’s going to lose Hiram, she challenges him with her rum to get him back on his feet. Red Raven Rum woke the dragon.


Holy what the, what?! Varchie find Betty in the woods with Jughead, on the ground and bleeding. Jughead is dead… Betty! What did you do?! I need answers, now!

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