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‘Riverdale’ recap “Chapter 67: Varsity Blues”

Published on January 22nd, 2020 | Updated on January 22nd, 2020 | By FanFest

It’s Spirit Week! Riverdale is in the championship against Stonewall Prep and Betty is tasked with covering the game. Reggie reveals to Betty that the Stallions play to hurt. This leads Betty to interview the opposing side. Brett defends his team by mansplaining that football isn’t a nice sport.

Betty then interviews players from other teams who confirm that Stonewall plays dirty. The Stonewall coach pays his players. The worse the injury, the bigger the bounty. Curiously enough, Munroe is attacked by people in bunny masks.

Archie and the Bulldogs avenge Munroe by confronting the Stallions and starting a fistfight. Uncle Frank offers some pills to Munroe to help him play through the pain. Munroe accepts considering Notre Dame is on the line.

Betty consults Veronica to try to get a confession from Brett so she can break the story. Thankfully, Veronica’s rum is delicious and gets Brett talking. Unfortunately, Jug blows her cover and Betty finds out about the Quill and Skull. Mr. Honey kills Betty’s piece as it is hearsay and she didn’t get actual proof. This doesn’t dissuade Betty.

The Bulldogs lose 7-6.

Betty continues her investigation and gets Mr. Honey on board with starting a Quiz team in hopes of stopping Stonewell.

Also in Riverdale:

Jughead gets accepted to Yale along with Brett

Frank never got the chance to make it up to Fred about taking the heat for his DUI so Archie gives him a second chance.

Hiram serves Veronica on patent infringement. Apparently, her rum is a copy of Lodge Rum. To get back at him, Veronica adds a special ingredient- Blossom Maple.


Quick question: is no one concerned that an 18-year-old is producing rum? Or that Frank gave a kid drugs? BTW Munroe is going to be hurting in the morning. This episode was a great midseason premiere. So many things happened! And of course, there was a Vixens’ song. I can’t wait for the rest of this season!

Wait. So since it seems that Jughead doesn’t make it out of this season alive, does that mean Betty is going to Yale? I NEED to know what happens to Juggie!

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