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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 65: In Treatment”

Published on December 4th, 2019 | Updated on December 4th, 2019 | By FanFest

A second-round of tapes were left at doorsteps. Even scarier, it’s college acceptance letter season. Cue Mrs. Burble (Gina Torres), the school counselor.

Case 65- Elizabeth Cooper

Betty didn’t get into Yale so Alice went snooping and finds Betty’s birth control. Betty goes to Mrs. Burble for guidance and Alice crashes the party. Betty lays it all out. Alice admits she loves Betty more than her other children. Not going to lie, this exchange was spectacular.

Case 70- Archibald Andrews

Archie has been having trouble sleeping and is sent to Mrs. Burble. He believes he needs to stay in Riverdale to clean up the town. He admits to her that he is angry and hurts all the time and he wants to make sure no one else feels this way. To keep his mother safe, he moves into the center and creates an anonymous tip line.

Colin Bentley/The CW
Case 72- Cheryl Blossom

Due to Cheryl’s absences, she is no longer in charge of the Vixens. Mrs. Burble wants to help her unpack the baggage of the last few years. Cheryl tells her about Jason’s body and Julian’s doll and thinks that she’s crazy. Mrs. Burble doesn’t think Cheryl’s being haunted and thinks she’s being gaslit. Cheryl loses her Vixens and did not absorb Julian.

Case 75- Veronica Luna/Lodge

Veronica got into Harvard but Hiram bought her acceptance… Mrs. Burble believes that Veronica is obsessed with her father and sees her future self in him even though she wants her own identity. She suggests she go to Harvard and cut ties with Hiram for good.

Case 77- Forsythe Pendleton Jones III

Jughead hasn’t started his Baxter Bros story and hasn’t applied for college yet. He heads back to Riverdale to be told he has a persecution complex by Mrs. Burble. He explains his grandfather and DuPont and the sleuthing. She suggests that he focus on himself, put down the conspiracies and the anger and do the work.

Colin Bentley/The CW

Mrs. Burble knows what she’s doing- Alice didn’t open Betty’s mail and gave her a check for college, Jughead hugs his father and completes his work and Cheryl starts to think rationally about being haunted. Archie, however, continues his vigilante ways and Veronica rejects Harvard. Is Hiram actually sweating? Jughead and Betty continue sleuthing and dig up dirt on Stonewall Prep’s missing persons.

What does that flashforward mean? Next week is the midseason finale already- no! There are so many questions that still need answers.

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