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‘Riverdale’ recap “Chapter 63: Hereditary”

Published on November 13th, 2019 | Updated on November 13th, 2019 | By FanFest

Archie is looking out for the kids of Riverdale, which means less kids are working for Dodger. Dodger retaliates by trashing the community center and blowing Archie’s cover. Dodger even goes as far as shooting up Archie’s house with Mary inside! Not only that, but Dodger leaves a man severely injured outside the center.

Veronica and her family, including her new half-sister, Hermosa, are trying to move past the last few months. Veronica is helping her mother and is throwing herself into helping Archie by way of video games and free food for the kids. Hiram also moves back into the house. Oh, he and Hermione are renewing their vows too.

Jughead has writer’s block, so he begins to reread the previous Baxter Brothers books. He begins to form the theory that his grandfather might’ve written the first book in the series. Jughead brings this up to Mr. DuPont but it backfires. Mr. Chipping agrees to help Jughead and throws himself out a window when he fails. Mr. DuPont takes over.

Betty consults Chic who says that Charles killed someone and honestly, why would he lie at this point? Of course, Charles finds out. Bring on the polygraph! Chic squeals on the Coopers about the shady man that was murdered in their kitchen. Charles and FP take care of everything.

Remember that creepy doll, Julian? Cheryl is having nightmares about it (so are we!). The rest of the Blossom clan pays her a visit and wants to sell the maple business. Uncle Bedford finds Jason’s body and Toni smacks him with a candlestick.


So much happens in these episodes, it’s hard to keep track! And the throwback to Chic and the shady man? Wait, Charles and Chic are still a couple and are playing Betty and Alice? Really? I was actually starting to like Charles… Hermosa, not so much. Things are getting very messy for the Fab Four…

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