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‘Riverdale’ recap “Chapter 61: Halloween”

Published on October 30th, 2019 | Updated on October 30th, 2019 | By FanFest

Happy Halloween Riverdale!

That videotape Jughead received was of his house being watched. Other residents got the same gift so now the whole town is on edge, just in time for Halloween.

Jughead learns about the Stonewall Four. Basically, it’s just Stonewall lore. While trying to debunk the mystery, Jughead is drugged and locked in a casket, leaving Betty to pass out candy by herself. It was just a prank to scare him into dropping out.

Betty starts getting creepy phone calls from the Black Hood and JellyBean turns up dead?! Just kidding, she played a joke. Charles traces the call to Shady Grove and Polly.

Veronica tends to a lonely truck driver. Of course, he’s a serial killer… She lights him on fire and escapes.

Toni wants Cheryl to get rid of Jason (thank you!) and they plan to rebury him at Thornhill. “Jason’s ghost” is upset about this and plants a creepy doll (Julian) in the house… Toni caves and they dig up Jason’s body.

Dodger is out for revenge after his beat down a few episodes ago. The community center holds a Halloween bash for the kids to keep them off the streets. Dodger crashes the party and riles Archie up. Thankfully, Archie uses his head and calls FP. Unfortunately, Eddie, one of the kids gets shot.


Nope! I am claustrophobic, I did not like Jughead getting trapped in the floor! I did love how Fab Four each had their own storyline. This whole episode was a mishmash of scary movie references and I am here for it! That doll is super creepy though. I am also getting a super creepy vibe from Charles and Mr. Honey… Happy Halloween!


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