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‘Riverdale’ recap “Chapter 59: Fast Times at Riverdale High”

Published on October 16th, 2019 | Updated on October 16th, 2019 | By FanFest

It’s senior year!

Things aren’t starting off too smoothly though- Mr. Honey, the new principal, cancels the school dance- Woah the Jason card didn’t work? What’ll Cheryl Margorie Blossom do- dumb question, she’ll throw a party!

Archie recruits Mad Dog for the football team. This pisses Reggie off because he worked too hard to let an ex-con ruin his senior year. Of course, Archie gets in between Reggie and his father, picking a fight. After the party ends early, thanks Honey, Reggie and Archie have a heart-to-heart about their fathers. Reggie gets the bright idea to take matters into his own hands, by smashing in the windshield of his dad’s car.

Jughead gets an offer to transfer to Stonewall Prep. He turns the guy down, but FP is making him reconsider. Jughead sits in on a “Moby Dick” lecture and suddenly his mind opens. Betty even encourages him to go.

Mr. Honey doesn’t want drama and tells Veronica, who is caught in the middle of her parents’ scandal, she should take a sabbatical from senior year… Hiram leaked the story that has paparazzi following Veronica everywhere. She can’t even leave her own house.

Oh, that’s right, we met the real Charles and Alice is undercover as a Farmer. She hasn’t reported back yet which has Betty worried. Charles asks her to befriend Kevin (again) to keep an eye on him in case he hasn’t completely severed ties to the Farm. Betty believes in him and tells him all about Alice. To Charles’ surprise, it works.

Veronica caves and in a Chicago-esque sequence, she gives a one and only press conference in tandem with an “All That Jazz” musical number. Veronica decides to change her name, meet Veronica Gomez.


This Honey guy is not as sweet as his name implies… Do we really need another thing making Riverdale residents miserable? I enjoyed the episode but Archie needs to mind his own business, even if he means well and always turns out ok. Oh and that dance number, flawless! That flash forward, what?! Riverdale season 4 is just heating up!

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