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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 56: The Dark Secret of Harvest House”

Published on May 10th, 2019 | Updated on May 10th, 2019 | By FanFest

Hiram wants to buy Riverdale now… lovely. Veronica hires Archie’s mother to help her figure out how to get Hiram back. Archie challenges Hiram to a boxing match knowing that Hiram would make Veronica take bets at the Speakeasy, which is illegal. The plan is nicely underway until word gets out that the gloves are off and Hiram might kill Archie. Thank god Veronica has impeccable timing.

Veronica leaves her father in prison with the parting words “I won.” Archie goes to Veronica to reunite Varchie, but Veggie beat him to it.

Jughead tracks the trail of the envelope that made Betty go off on her own… it leads him to Ricky. A group of boy scouts attacks Jughead as he flees to the bunker, inside Ethel Muggs is waiting. Ethel sent the envelope to Betty and reveals to be in love with the entity that is trying to kill her. When Ethel has Jughead help her find a lost boy, they are attacked by the newly hook-handed Black Hood. Because of his help, Ethel reveals the Gargoyle King to be Jason Blossom. Impossible, right? Jason isn’t in his grave.

Betty, at the Farm, is told she has the “serial killer gene,” meaning that she has a predisposition for violence and Edgar can help. He hypnotizes her into seeing Dark Betty. Something is fishy. For her second meeting, Betty wears earplugs to keep her from getting hypnotized and it turns out that Polly is the Dark Betty she’s been seeing. And after asking Evelyn about her dialysis treatments, Betty stumbles upon a freezer with coolers that read “The Farm Harvest Program.” What?

At least now Cheryl believes Betty. Cheryl helps Toni escape as Betty tries to warn Kevin and Fangs… the fight scene is fantastic, but now Betty is in the operating room.


Ethel’s back, but more importantly, is Edgar really harvesting kidneys from Farmers for Evelyn?! Also, Archiekins… that’s why you don’t break up with the girl who believes that you are endgame. Next week is the finale, already?

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