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‘Riverdale’ recap “Chapter 54: Fear the Reaper”

Published on April 24th, 2019 | Updated on April 24th, 2019 | By FanFest

Jelly Bean is missing and the Joneses have to play G&G to get her back. Kurts is the game master so this’ll be interesting. The game makes Gladys reveal that she’s the new Fizzle Rocks dealer. It also makes them steal from Pop’s restaurant where they get caught when Pops shoots FP and are forced into the bunker.

Randy has died and Archie is under fire for murder, again. Elio’s gym was raided for drugs and although Mad Dog warns Archie, they get caught. Lucky for Archie, Veronica pays their bail and offers to help Archie. Spooked by what Randy’s family said, Archie wants to raise money for them, with a benefit concert.

The second G&G challenge is to fight Penny Peabody?! Cue awesome Sai fight to Josie’s singing. Gladys wins but is injured so now it’s up to Jughead to save JB. Of course, Kurts can’t be trusted and ends up dead (Thank you Gargoyle King?). JB is fine.

The big wedding is also coming up so Betty’s a bit on edge, especially since Edgar wants to adopt Polly’s twins. She and Penelope try to rescue the twins but the Farm will only let go of Dagwood. Toni sneaks Betty into the Farm to get Juniper, but Toni betrays her.

Refusing to give up, she sneaks into the principal’s office to look at Evelyn’s file. Evelyn has been repeating her junior year for over a decade? It turns out that Evelyn is 2 and also Edgar’s wife. Of course, the Farmers already know that and want Betty to join them.


This episode was so full of action, I loved it! The twists were a surprise too: Hal’s death, Betty’s scary escape and Penny’s return. The Joneses may have issues but they are perfect, minus the Fizzle Rocks thing. Mama Bear Gladys beating the snot out of Kurts was wonderful but in all seriousness, I’m glad JB is fine and that FP is cleared. Also, Jarchie is history. Good for Josie for following her dreams but Varchie has always been endgame.

This was Luke Perry’s final episode. His portrayal of Fred Andrews will always stay with us just as his words of wisdom do. Rest in Peace Luke.

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