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‘Riverdale’ Recap ‘Chapter 53: Jawbreaker”

Published on April 18th, 2019 | Updated on April 18th, 2019 | By FanFest

Was it a copycat killer that killed Baby Teeth or did the Gargoyle King add a new twist? The coroner rules COD as blood loss from Baby Teeth having his teeth pulled. It turns out that Kurts has been dealing tainted Fizzle Rocks.

Archie and Veronica team up to get Archie a rematch with Randy. Randy is taking some drugs to make himself stronger, but it’s not steroids. Should he level the playing field? Archie didn’t have to. He knocked Randy out.

Edgar tells Betty a story about how he was near death and a wonderful farmer took care of him- he felt reborn and vowed to help others as that farmer helped him. Toni, to save Cheryl, joins Betty in her quest to snap their loved ones back to reality. Toni shows Cheryl the video of Jason’s murder but she seems to have no recollection of it being real.

Alice doesn’t believe Betty that Charles is dead. Is there something in the water? Betty chloroforms her mother and chains her in the bunker to show her what ahe’s choosing to give up. The plan backfires as Alice burns family photos. Betty listens to the tapes and Alice says she’s afraid of her. She goes back to Edgar who tells her that Alice needs to heal and that “seeing” Charles helps her. Betty, not happy, hands her mother back over to the Farm. Evelyn then gives Cheryl a choice: Jason or Toni. Toni is a Farmer now, or is she?


JB has been summoned by the Gargoyle King. I did not see that coming, but it’s great to see JB out on her own storyline. I’m so proud of Betty. She let her mother go, not all the way, but enough because her mother is happy. It sucks to not have a mom, but Betty, dear, you’re strong and will get through this. What is she going to do about Hal wanting to come home? And was that a glimmer of hope for VArchie? This episode was great, I really enjoyed it. I just hope Archie doesn’t go back to jail on another murder charge.

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