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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 51: BIG FUN”

Published on March 21st, 2019 | Updated on March 21st, 2019 | By FanFest

Despite the murder and tragedy, things continue to get musical in Riverdale. After last year, Kevin has chosen to bring Evelyn on as co-director and with all the dancing, Toni is coming on as the choreographer.

After their breakup, Cheryl and Toni have an onstage fight during the rehearsal for “Candy Store.” Things get especially nasty after Toni decides to wear red to school. Toni drags Peaches and Sweet Pea to the auditorium to get over Cheryl during a sexy rendition of “Dead Girl Walking” but decides against it. She still loves Cheryl and extends an olive branch.

Betty is convinced Evelyn is evil. To try to prove Betty wrong, The Farm is throwing a preshow cast party. Everyone is having a great time at Evelyn’s “Big Fun” party complete with jello shots and transformative organic brownies. The party ends with Veggie hooking up, Sweet Pea finding out about Josie and Archie, and Kevin hallucinating a not so dead Midge.

Evelyn holds a closed rehearsal for select cast members in the gargoyle chamber. Betty, of course, crashes to find it was a secret initiation into The Farm. Betty takes this to the principal who brushes her off as he has embraced The Farm.

Someone has raided the town’s pharmacies and stole Jughead’s old trailer from SunnySide Trailer Park to make a mobile drug lab. To cheer Jughead up, Betty suggests that they be “Seventeen.” Jughead joins in the song along with a reunited Choni. Betty wants him to let it go. Instead, they set it on fire.

Hiram and Hermione are getting divorced. Hermione told him everything, so he moved out. That and Hermione tried to have him killed, twice. Worse, Hiram thinks Veronica was in on all that. Reaching for a “Lifeboat,” Veronica asks them to come to the show, together.

Evelyn’s father and the rest of the farmers gave the show a standing ovation. Talk about creepy.


Jughead sang! Honestly, I teared up during “Seventeen.” It’s such a pure song and these characters deserve to just be seventeen. This musical was perfect for this season. I loved how the whole episode felt like a musical as the singing seemed very appropriate off the stage as well as on. For example, Josie and Archie defining their relationship in the boxing ring with the help of “Find for Me.” I also loved how that “Beautiful” opening number was a blur of Riverdale reality and musical fantasy. Most importantly, no one died!


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