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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 50: American Dreams”

Gladys bought Betty’s house while spewing some story about starting over and being one big happy family. Jughead growing suspicious of her motives asks his mother why she bought a house, as that is a pretty permanent move. He’s right to be skeptical. After Jughead figures out who is behind the Fizzle Rocks comeback, Veronica then spills the beans about Gladys to Betty who tells Jughead. Gladys admits her plans.

Toni made plans for spring break with the gang without involving Cheryl, squashing her surprise plans. Something’s not right, Toni’s paying rent now? The finally sit down to talk and conclude that Toni should move out. Reggie wants to be promoted to business partner but Veronica is hesitant. She tries to pay him for the work he’s done, missing the point. He becomes angry and tries to steal his car back which adds to Veronica’s debt. These couples are fizzling faster than Fizzle rocks…

Hiram agrees to help Archie kill the “kill the red paladin” quest by giving him the locations of the other quest cards. Archie, along with Bughead, goes out in search of the remaining 10 quest cards. Jughead suggests using the Gargoyle King’s “Gospel tactic” to their advantage. They use an old boxing gym to lure the players and Archie takes them out one by one. The quest is complete!


I don’t care if Gladys and JB are shady, the four of them together is perfect! I agree that Betty living in her old room with her boyfriend’s family is weird. Also, FP is 50? He looks good! Jughead made me tear up a little bit with his speech. I hope that the Joneses can work this situation out, I do like Gladys and JB. I also hope JB gets more screen time, her sass is unparalleled.

OMG YES! The Heathers episode is coming soon!