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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 48: Requiem for a Welterweight”

Published on February 28th, 2019 | Updated on February 28th, 2019 | By FanFest

Hiram begins to question why his drug supply and equipment is missing. He thinks it’s the Joneses. Veronica warns Gladys and they come to an agreement. Veronica will spy on her father to make sure Gladys stays one step ahead of him.

Veronica suggests to Hiram that he revisits the prison idea. He tops that by going after the Ghoulies. Seeing as the Serpents are low in numbers, Gladys tells Jughead to recruit them. Hiram and Gladys agree to a deal. He’ll focus on the prison, she’ll run the streets.

There’s one Ghoulie left and he tells Jughead that the rest have joined the Gargoyles and are playing G&G. He pays them a visit but gets sucked back into the game. Gladys works her magic and joins the two gangs together.

Alice is going to be baptized into the Farm. Betty tries to be supportive but gets concerned when she sees a form that implies her mother might get hurt, or worse. Betty meets an Ex-Farmer who tells her that the Farm believes that you’ll ascend once you become close to death. Alice is in danger and at the hands of Polly.

The Pretty Poisons are stealing all of the girls from rival gangs. Jughead asks Toni to come back. She’ll only come back is he makes her queen. Cheryl is upset that Jughead called them a “Vanity Project” and gets back at him by having her gang jump Fangs and Sweet Pea.

Archie has taken up boxing. He of course, is impatient and volunteers to fight a champion when he’s not ready. Tom Keller tells him to get out of it, even Josie tells him it’s a bad idea. Since he can’t back out, he breaks the deal and plans to go full force in the ring. Archie loses but he did it with dignity.


Hiram really needs to look closer to home, he believes Hermione will be by his side forever. I’m loving Gladys, especially because she has the chance to take Hiram down. If they actually find a way to work together, they’re going to take over Riverdale and that’s scary. I agree with Kevin, Betty needs to not jump to the worst possible conclusion. That being said, the Farm seems absolutely crazy and I don’t trust them.


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