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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 44: No Exit”

Published on January 17th, 2019 | Updated on January 18th, 2019 | By FanFest

The quarantine has officially been lifted, but the town looks a bit different. Veronica’s speakeasy is booming, Choni are cat burglars and Betty is letting the Sisters of Quiet Mercy escapees stay with her. Oh, Archie is brunette and in Canada with Vegas, his dog.

A bear attacks Archie and while he patches himself up, he begins to hallucinate. He sees Cassidy and the three other dead trial witnesses playing a game of G&G. They send him on a quest to “Defeat the dreaded Spectre of Death” AKA kill the Black Hood. He succeeds and is greeted by a deceased Warden Norton who makes him pick a new quest. He now must kill the Man in Black AKA Hiram. He does and now ghosts of Veronica, Jughead and Betty sit around the G&G board. They send him to confront himself. Angry that he got himself into all of this, he beats himself to a pulp with a baseball bat. Back to reality, Archie is bleeding out from his wounds and doesn’t respond when park rangers find him.

Back in Riverdale, Veronica’s speakeasy is now serving alcohol and Reggie is beaten up by Gargoyle minions during a supply run. Josie is also attacked and is too scared to sing. Veronica now must pay for protection as well as get her mother’s Glamergé egg back from Cheryl and Toni. She enlists the Serpents for help.

Jughead accepts Veronica’s deal because he Serpents need the income so they can quit dealing Fizzle Rocks. Unfortunately, Choni out of the Serpents for their burglary.

To break the news to daddy, Veronica smashes the egg and rejects Hiram’s protection deal. Reggie is now safe to go on runs with the Serpents protecting him. Did Veronica and Reggie just kiss?

Betty wants the Sisters of Quiet Mercy nuns to testify to Hiram’s drug ring since their vow of silence was voided when they were exiled from the Church long ago. The nuns are all dead and Alice shipped off Betty’s house guests to The Farm.


Archie CAN NOT die! I refuse to believe he is capable of that. Also, this better not be the only time I see Hiram Lodge die! This episode had so much going on, I loved it. I am so proud of Ronnie for how she’s handling the situation with her father. It’s just so absurd to me that he’s still getting away with all of this. That, and because he has no regard for how his actions affect the people of Riverdale. I hope he gets it soon. Can we please talk about that Veggie kiss? I did not expect it. I thought Ronnie still loved Archie. How long was that winter hiatus?


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