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‘Riverdale’ Recap ‘Chapter 41: Manhunter”

Published on November 28th, 2018 | Updated on November 28th, 2018 | By FanFest

Archie is safe and sound in the bunker but he can’t leave because there’s a manhunt after him as well as anyone involved in his escape. Jughead sends out a manhunt of his own. They need to find Joaquin to find out about the new gang he talked about last chapter.

They find Joaquin and he reveals that Archie was meant to be sacrificed. The man in the black suit was ordering the Warden to do his bidding. Jughead immediately thinks of Hiram (I did, too). Hiram denies it, of course. Later that day, Joaquin’s body was dumped at the Serpent camp.

Betty lures the parents into the speakeasy with a letter to question them. Hermione believes that Penelope poisoned the chalices as she was the game master 25 years ago. Penelope, in turn, blames the late Darryl Doiley. Betty is no closer than when she started. Betty looks into Darryl’s death and finds out he was murdered. When questioning her mother about her article on the cover-up, the Gargoyle King breaks in and terrorizes them.

Veronica finds out that the interrogation footage was edited and finds the original footage on her mother’s computer. Archie is well on his way to the Shadow Lake Mines when she tells him.  Sheriff Minetta beat them there and when they get into the mines, they find the guys who got Archie arrested. Two of the three died in the mine, the third died in the hospital.

Archie is a free man but he’s not coming home, neither is Betty.


Josie is the latest person to have a seizure. What do the seizures mean? Also, did anyone else see the side eye FP gave Betty? Is he scared or guilty? I honestly can’t tell anymore with this show. Hiram and Hermione don’t seem super concerned that they may be on their way to jail… which usually means Hiram has something up his sleeve. I understand Archie’s reasoning for not wanting to go back to Riverdale, but why is Jughead going with him and how is Betty going to escape from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy?


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