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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 35: Brave New World”

Published on May 17th, 2018 | Updated on May 17th, 2018 | By FanFest

Jughead’s alive! (Phew!) Hiram led the Serpents to a fight they couldn’t win. While some joined the Ghoulies, the remaining Serpents are hiding out at the White Worm. Things are so bad that FP starts drinking again. FP announces his retirement and hands the throne over to Jughead. Jughead’s first duty as king is to appoint Cheryl as an official Serpent. Nothing is better than seeing Toni’s face when Cheryl puts on her jacket. She really does look great in everything. Jughead asks Betty if she’d be his Serpent Queen.

Hal may have been arrested but that doesn’t diminish the damage that was done. The Coopers are now thrust into the spotlight, trying to deal with what happened. Betty begins to doubt herself and believes that she could become a monster like her father. She confronts her darkness head on and sees her father for the last time.

Hiram hired Tall Boy to be the second Black Hood. Hermione tells Veronica Hiram’s plan to fully take over Riverdale but that can’t until he gets ahold of the White Worm. Veronica enlists ex-Mayor McCoy to help her get money to block her father’s plot.

Hiram is plotting with Penelope and Claudius Blossom. Cheryl catches them while delivering her emancipation notice. Hiram sends his goons to raid the hideout, but not before Cheryl, Archie and Jughead warn the Serpents. They flee to Fred’s. To continue the act of solidarity, Riverdale High dons Serpent jackets to keep all the students where they belong.

Veronica brings Jughead up to speed on her father’s plan and asks for his help to derail it. She buys the White Worm and offers to trade it to her father for Pop’s Diner. Naturally, Hiram asks for a lot more. It’s no surprise that Hermione wins the election for mayor. Archie pays Hiram a visit. He vows to prove Hiram guilty. Hiram, yet again, pulls a fast one and has Archie arrested for murder.

This episode was a fantastic example of a season finale. There was so much going on and  I am so glad that someone finally made Hiram sweat. I’m so glad it was Archie. I don’t like Hiram’s new group of henchmen, what is he plotting now? Now that the North and South have come together, I can’t wait for season 3! Things are going to be changing, hopefully for the better. As long as Hiram is around, I don’t see that happening, though. I want to know what’s next in store for the Lodges, the Serpents, and most importantly, Archie. Hello, cliffhanger.


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