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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 24: The Wrestler”

Published on January 24th, 2018 | Updated on January 24th, 2018 | By FanFest

In the last chapter, we saw a rocky attempt to integrate Riverdale High with Southsiders and we were introduced to Betty’s long lost brother, Chic (Charles).

Riverdale is getting ready to celebrate Picken’s Day, but not everyone is in the mood. Mayor McCoy is second-guessing her collaborations with the Lodges and the Coopers are still unsure of their house guest.

Speaking of the Lodges, Archie is getting the feeling that Hiram doesn’t like him. Veronica suggests that he try something that aligns with her father’s interests, such as wrestling. Seeing as that didn’t quite work out, he can always sing with Josie and the Pussycats.

Betty shows her friends a picture of Chic and Kevin instantly recognizes him as a “webcam boy.” While talking about it, Jughead interrupts with his article on how General Pickens massacred hundreds of people. He publishes Toni’s grandfather’s story about this tragedy, much to her reluctance. The tale is true.

This article makes Mayor McCoy very nervous and she forbids Josie from singing so Veronica takes matters into her own hands, in the form of “Veronica and the Pussycats.”

Back at home, Chic is upset because his landlord took revenge for Betty macing him by selling all of his stuff. Betty finds a laptop that he can use and he confronts her about why she came back for him.


At wrestling tryouts, Hiram makes an example of Archie by putting him in a headlock and bruising his pride. Hiram thinks Archie isn’t good enough for Veronica because he thinks he’ll cheat on her just like his father did. Veronica breaks up the fight before it can get ugly.

Hiram calls Archie in the middle of the night to go running and Hiram informs Archie that he won’t win, but they need to make nice for Veronica. Hiram even offers to mentor him.

Picken’s Day has arrived and though Alice is excited to bring Chic to the celebration, Hal is not. He found out about Chic’s line of work but Alice doesn’t care.


During Veronica’s performance, Toni and Jughead lead a protest to try to bring the Pickens Massacre to the public eye. Hiram swoops in with a speech that praises their efforts but belittles the issue.

After the celebration, Chic and Betty discuss the darkness they both feel. He admits that he webcams to pretend to be someone else, and make money. He tries to help her figure herself out.

Ending the episode is a beheaded General Pickens statue and a sneaking suspicion that the serpents are behind it.


This episode had a lot to it: the heavy truth about Riverdale’s founder, Chic’s line of work, Archie and Hiram’s new relationship just scratch the surface of this episode. This episode explained a lot, but it didn’t answer everything. I do love that Alice and Betty are giving Chic a chance, I just hope he (or Hal) doesn’t do something to ruin it. One thing I wonder about is why Penelope Blossom is ok with her ancestors being at the forefront of a massacre and why she feels it’s her dut to “comfort” lonely Riverdale men.

Next week dark Betty is back, wig and all!


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