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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 22: Silent Night, Deadly Night”

Published on December 13th, 2017 | Updated on December 13th, 2017 | By FanFest

Chapter 21 was the chapter of break-ups. Goodbye Varchie and goodbye Bughead. On a more positive note, FP is free and back with the Serpents.

It’s Christmas time in Riverdale and tensions are high. The Andrews are in debt, the Lodges are preparing for a glamorous Christmas while the Blossoms can’t even afford a tree and to top it all off, FP is still upset with Jughead over the deal with Peabody. All of this is weighing on our gang.

Kevin seems to be the only cheery one, hosting a Secret Santa.


Mr. Svenson/ Joe Conway is mysteriously absent from Riverdale High and with Black Hood still out there, Betty and Archie think something might’ve happened to him. Apparently he’s been out all week with a cold.

Jughead and Betty exchange gifts and he apologizes. He’s truly sorry for what happened between them but that doesn’t help the awkwardness. Veronica already bought Archie’s gift before their break-up. She gives it to him in hopes that they’ll still be friends. It seems like Archie is going to need more time.

There was a gift waiting for Betty at home: Joe Conway’s finger. Black Hood will release him if she obeys him.

Veronica feels awful for Archie and snoops through her dad’s office when she comes across the Pop’s Diner files. To get back at her parents, she uses her mother’s credit card to pay Fred’s bill in full. If the Lodge’s can buy Pop’s then they can afford to help Fred and Archie. The Lodges find out and decide it’s time to let her in on the business.

Veronica agrees to partner with her parents as long as it’s not illegal and that they pay for Fred’s medical bills.

Jughead asks the younger serpents to take care of Penny Peabody. She is using FP as a drug mule (god knows what else she has him doing) and Jughead is tired of it. The serpents can’t leave one of their own hanging, so they decide to help him out. They kidnap her and take her to Greendale. Because they can’t hurt her, Jughead cuts out her Serpent tattoo. Hopefully she won’t be back.

Betty and Archie go to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy to find out more about Joe. The nun there said that when he was there, Joe pointed out his family’s killer and he was promptly executed. She also says that he thought that he might’ve been wrong and accused the wrong person. Was that his sin?

The nun points them in the direction of Nana Rose Blossom. The go visit and Nana Rose says that the Conway’s killer was buried alive and that Betty’s grandfather was involved. Betty freaks out at the news and while calming her down, Archie kisses her.


They find the photo Nana Rose described. They call Sheriff Keller and head to the grave site from the photo. Black Hood was waiting for them with a gun. He demands that Archie get in the empty coffin and tell tells Betty to fill in the grave in.

Sirens distract Black Hood and Betty hits him with shovel, causing him to drop the gun and run. Archie catches up to him and threatens to shoot.

Sheriff Keller gets there just in time and kills Black Hood. Wait, Black Hood is Joe Conway?

Christmas arrives and it’s full of surprises. Archie got Veronica a gift after all, and Veronica finally tells Archie that she loves him back. If Black Hood was killed, then who was taking photos of Varchie?


What kind of person cuts off his own finger to keep all suspicion off his trail? Why was Joe Conway the one threatening Riverdale?  Did he want to balance the scales? Who was taking pictures of Archie and Veronica kissing? Also on that note, Betty and Archie kissed. That’s huge! Especially because Varchie is back together. I wonder what is going to happen if Veronica finds out.

See you all on January 17, 2018 for the second half of season 2!


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