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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 21: House of the Devil”

Published on December 6th, 2017 | Updated on December 6th, 2017 | By FanFest

Chapter 20 brought the gang on a scandalous adventure. Jughead got mixed up with Penny Peabody and Veronica and Betty witnessed Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller having an affair. This week promises more of that.

Archie and Veronica’s relationship is blossoming. Archie said the big “L” word to Veronica, but she didn’t say it back…awkward.

It turns out that the Riverdale Reaper was a real person. The house that Betty visited a couple episodes back is the same house from the Reaper’s murders. It’s called the Devil’s House.

Good news! FP is getting out of jail. So Bughead asks Archie and Veronica to take over their investigation and they accept.


Betty officially reveals Jughead’s Serpent Status to Alice. She’s not surprised but agrees to drive Bughead to pick up FP. She had to, Betty brings up Alice’s own Serpent Status every chance she gets.

They all stop at Pop’s Diner and FP reveals that he isn’t going back to the Serpents, is in AA and is going to ask Pop if he can get a job at the diner. Good for you FP.


Josie and Cheryl are at the Diner. Seeing FP working there, Cheryl tips her milkshake over for him to clean up. Jughead isn’t happy about it so he and Betty plan a retirement party for him. One that is fit for a king.

Betty talks to Toni about the party, but also because she’s worried about Jughead. She asks how to become a part of his world, kind of like a “serpent adjacent”.  A Serpent woman overhears and tells her about the Serpent dance.

Alice finds out about the party and confronts FP about it. She doesn’t want their kids to make the same mistakes they did.


Archie and Veronica go to the Devil’s House and revisit the story of the Riverdale Reaper. There were four family members murdered, but Veronica finds a 3rd set of initials on a door. Archie finds a box that proves that there was a 3rd child. Joseph Conway survived that night. It turns out that he is working at Riverdale High as the janitor.

They confront Joe, thinking that he might be Black Hood. But Archie knows he isn’t because he looked right into the Black Hood’s eyes. Joe does reveal that the Riverdale Reaper is dead.

Betty and Alice make quite an entrance to FP’s party. It turns out that the Serpent hasn’t exactly left Alice. Archie confronts Veronica about the “L” word and they seem fine, kind of. They try to sing “Mad World” but Veronica runs off. Betty takes over and performs the Serpent Dance in front of everyone. Not everyone is happy that she did that. Especially Jughead. He confronts Betty and tells her to stop and to just go home… not again Bughead!

FP takes back his retirement. He found out about Jughead’s work with Penny and knows he can’t retire yet.

Archie catches up with Veronica and she admits she can’t say the “L” word back to him. She apologizes and leaves him.


This episode was great but also sad. I’m happy that FP is a free man, but I feel bad for Bughead. I also feel bad for Archie and Betty. They got dumped tonight, even after Betty’s steamy dance. If Black Hood is still sending everyone threatening letters, then why is everyone still sinning? Hopefully next week (the mid-season finale!) brings not only our favorite couples back together, but also brings some answers.


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