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‘Riverdale’ recap “Ch. 71: How to Get Away with Murder”

Published on March 4th, 2020 | Updated on March 4th, 2020 | By FanFest

The Fab Four, er Three just got home after the Stonewall party. They still don’t know what to believe but all signs point to Betty.

To clear her name, Betty consults Charles and calls FP, prepared with a script. She then goes to Stonewall to talk to Donna and Brett. She also plants a bug, which they ultimately find. Betty then visits Evelyn who asks about Jughead and says that there’s a cell on murderer’s row just for her.

Jughead is officially a missing person. FP tracks Jughead’s phone. It was in Betty’s pocket, making her look even more guilty. A hiker found a bloody rock near the party site and Betty asks Charles to swap that rock out with a decoy.

Veronica tells Archie about Dark Betty and what happened with Chuck sophomore year. She doesn’t want to get dragged down this path without knowing the truth. Veronica suspects that Betty if she did it, must’ve blacked out. Betty agrees, revealing that she’s terrified that she might’ve killed Jughead.

Charles helps Betty recall the missing time between meeting with Donna and waking up next to Jughead. It turns out that Donna blew white powder, possibly Devil’s Breath, at Betty. This is comforting as Charles says she couldn’t have killed Jughead while drugged.

Donna thinks she has it all figured out. But they find Jughead’s body… Betty vows to bring Donna down with her. Donna and the preppies are scared and it’s their move.


What would you do if you were accused of murder? I, for one, wouldn’t handle it as well as Betty is. Do you think she really did it? I still am unsure of the motive behind killing Jughead… but next week looks intense!

RIP Jughead.

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