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‘Riverdale’ recap “Ch. 69 Men of Honor”

Jughead and Brett finalize their duel: Fencing, brawling, and chess. Brett bests Juggie in fencing but gets KO’d in the brawl. The duel is tied. Brett tries to up the stakes by saying if he wins, he also gets the Baxter Brothers contract… Jughead refuses.

Betty is still suspended. So, to keep herself busy, she and Alice push their energy into solving Mr. Chipping’s murder. Their first lead, Mrs. Chipping, negates the rumors of his affair but does say that Chipping wished he never got in with the Baxter Brothers. After finding some military pamphlets, they go to Moose who reveals that Chipping basically pushed him out of Stonewall. Oh, and Brett has videos of him having sex in their room. He might have one of Betty and Jughead.

Using the chess match as a cover, Betty and Alice look for the tapes and find them hidden in a wall. Brett is alerted by a silent alarm. It seems the tapes were of the Skull and Quill initiation confessions. Betty manages to steal Donna’s tape. She’s lying and Betty feels they should be more worried about Donna.

Jughead allows Brett to win the chess match, knowing that he’s a better man than Brett will ever be.

Also in Riverdale

Frank gets a visitor. Ted served with Frank and says one of their friends lost their battle with cancer. He gets a call that a second friend has died. Ted, it turns out, has been offing vets who were involved in mercenary work. Luckily, Archie saves Frank and they alert FP. Unfortunately, this means that Frank broke the code and is now fair game. This time Frank is the one saving Archie when Ted attacks him. Ted has been captured by the Feds, but they also want Frank who goes on the run.

Veronica has a college interview in New York and meets up with her friend Katy Keene. Coincidentally, Hiram and Hermione are in NYC as well. They went to see a doctor because Hiram is very sick.

Fangs and Kevin’s side hustle is taking off and Toni wants a piece. At the Maple Club, Toni waits on Nick St. Clair, triggering Cheryl. Toni takes matters into her own hands and gets Nick back for everything he did to Cheryl, with the help of Kevin and Fangs.


This episode was so suspenseful! I was nervous for Jughead. I’m not sure why though, because in my book, Juggie is definitely a man of honor. Brett, however, is not and did you see him visibly shaken by Betty? Also, does anyone buy that Hiram is sick? Next week’s episode looks amazing!

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