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Rihanna Performance Brings Out the Best Memes of Super Bowl LVII

Published on February 13th, 2023 | Updated on February 13th, 2023 | By FanFest

The Philadelphia Eagles’ hopes of winning were dashed when Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs walked away with a 38-35 victory. Yet, before Rihanna even stepped onto the field for her halftime performance, memes had already begun circulating on social media. The City of Philadelphia need not worry about greasing the poles!

The Chiefs and their opponents were neck-and-neck in an intense game. Mahomes got injured during the first half, leaving fans worried that he would be removed from play. However, his determination kept him in the ring – as if to prove it, he charged forward with a drive within third quarter which reminded everyone this was still anyone’s game.

As the halftime festivities unfolded, Rihanna delivered a brilliant show that the audience absolutely adored. Celebrities of all sorts gathered to watch her performance and afterwards it caused an uproar across social media networks with countless memes created in her honor– what else would you expect from one of music’s biggest superstars?

Even the dancers have a meme.

Fans of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” have to be delighted at the thought that they may soon witness her in a video game battling battles! It appears as if this is something they’d love.

Enthused admirers won’t rest until they’ve seen it through to the very end – all thanks to the reference.

Employing a sky-fall from platforms is an inspired move that has been utilized for decades, helping gamers to gain a better perspective of their gaming environment.

Is Rihanna a gamer? Is this the look she was targeting?

If anyone dares to joke about the magnitude of effort it takes to put together a halftime show so impressive that, even after being compared with those from greats like Prince, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga is still stands out – they will catch Queen Bey’s infamous glare full-force. But if only they were aware what she achieved for her two most iconic performances at the Super Bowl Halftime Show; just one look would be enough grant Beyoncé five stars in creativity and an entire field of stones for flawlessly delivering such astounding shows!

As the Chiefs revel in their championship victory, all thanks to Patrick Mahomes’ leadership, Rihanna can be proud of yet another extraordinary half-time show. The memes only go to prove that she left a lasting impression on viewers everywhere; with no more words necessary, we bid her farewell as she drops the mic and walks away victorious.

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