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Rick Grimes Movies Will Be Like Earlier The Walking Dead Seasons!

The Walking Dead has a movie coming out that’s all about continuing Rick Grimes’ story. I don’t know if you’ve heard, it’s kind of a big deal in The Walking Dead community. Could the Rick Grimes movie be more classic Walking Dead, I know for several people who feel like the show has steadily declined since his departure are holding onto hope?

They think that getting Rick back might save the franchise, that his return will be like the second coming. I don’t know about all that but I know that the show has felt different since he left. Certainly worse, in my opinion.

When The Walking Dead started it was really the story about Rick, his family (including the family he chose), and their survival. The keyword being survival. For a few years now the survival part hasn’t really factored. It’s been more like one big bad after the other.

Very little is known about the movie because they’re keeping it under wraps. That makes sense, obviously, we don’t want to ruin any potential surprises though. With Rick being in a completely new environment though it’s entirely possible that the story of his survival will be front and center again.

It’s been hinted we’ll see other Walking Dead characters returning too and we’ve seen how Rick acts when it comes to them. He’ll do anything to get back to them and to keep them safe.

It seems like we’ve been waiting for details for what feels like forever. With The Walking Dead floundering even I’m hoping this movie can take The Walking Dead back to its roots. If we can just tell a good story centered on Rick and him surviving I think that this film could do really well.

I’d love to see the walkers become a problem once again and most importantly… can we please reunite Rick with Michonne and Judith?

Hopefully, we get some more details soon. Until then why don’t you guys ponder with me: could the Rick Grimes movie be more classic Walking Dead?


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