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Rick and Michonne’s ‘Walking Dead’ Spinoff is the Perfect Opportunity to Resolve These Unsolved Mysteries

Published on February 27th, 2023 | Updated on February 27th, 2023 | By FanFest

Rick and Michonne’s new spinoff presents the perfect opportunity to resolve two lingering mysteries from The Walking Dead season 11: how did Pamela Milton meet her end, and what other loose ends need tying up? Though we saw her downfall at the conclusion of TWD’s final season, this show offers fans closure that they have been longing for. Let us use this as a chance to get some much needed answers!

As opposed to his character in the Robert Kirkman‘s Walking Dead comics, Andrew Lincoln‘s Rick Grimes doesn’t partake in the battle with the Commonwealth. Instead, he will encounter a new menacing group called CRM when returning to television. The show is likely centered around this organization; however there remains potential for it to fulfill two teases from The Walking Dead‘s Commonwealth arc as well. By doing so, viewers can expect an even more enthralling story that provides insight into both characters and organizations within its universe!

Walking Dead Season 11’s Remaining Commonwealth Mysteries Explained

Intriguingly, the conclusion of The Walking Dead failed to address all questions concerning the Commonwealth. During his dangerous situation, Lance mention that “specific partnerships” they had created would be jeopardized if something occurred to him. It’s still mysterious what he was hinting at since nothing happened and no new comrades were introduced from this alliance. Maybe it is presumable that he was just attempting to frighten them; however, it appears most likely that such a statement wouldn’t have been added without cause or intent. The implication, of course, is that the Commonwealth has secret allies lurking somewhere in the Walking Dead universe.

The Walking Dead season 11, part 3 revealed that not all of the prisoners on the Commonwealth train were sent to Outpost 22 – some were instead directed to an enigmatic place referred to as “Designation 2.” It appears this is a kind of labor camp alternative, but it’s unclear whether or not it offers better conditions. All we know from one Commonwealth soldier is that it lies somewhere far away. The show purposefully left its significance open-ended, creating a lingering mystery for future seasons.

How Michonne & Rick’s Spinoff Can Answer “Designation 2”

The Walking Dead never had the opportunity to explore “Designation 2,” however, Rich and Michonne’s new show may be able to do just that. Based on Rick’s scene in The Walking Dead finale as well as intriguing hints from The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the spinoff will take place in Philadelphia – a part of the universe that has yet to be explored. This gives fans an exciting chance to uncover secrets and learn more about this undiscovered corner of The Walking Dead world! This could open the door for an official explanation for “Designation 2,” as it could be one of the places that Rick or Michonne comes across in their travels.

How Michonne & Rick’s Spinoff Can Reveal Lance’s Mystery Allies

Intrigue surrounding the Commonwealth’s covert allies deepens with “Designation 2”. After season 11, speculation swirled that The CRM and the Commonwealth had mutual relations. Both groups shared a craving for growth and prosperity; thus an alliance between them was not out of question. Lance even alluded to having solid partnerships — but ultimately nothing transpired from this suspicion. What exactly is Designation 2? Could it finally be confirmation of what many have been anticipating? We will just have to wait until Rick and Michonne’s show airs to find out! But since this mystery remains unresolved, it’s not impossible that a connection is there.

The CRM and the Commonwealth could have easily established an understanding that would be advantageous for both parties. This might explain “Designation 2”, which may very well serve as a CRM base where Lance Hornsby sends prisoners in exchange for resources or weaponry provided by the CRM, under his orders. Considering characters such as Pamela Milton and Lance Hornsby’s malicious nature, it is easy to imagine this partnership between these two groups being present.

By partnering with the CRM, a morally questionable decision by Lance Hornsby, Rick and Michonne could discover all their secrets in the Walking Dead spinoff. Even just mentioning his name can be enough to begin unraveling this mystery. To further explore it, introducing a character that represents the Commonwealth would provide an easy way for Rick to reunite with those of Alexandria and solve what happened between them years ago. If his battle with the CRM leads to him discovering the existence of the Commonwealth, he could have a way of reaching Judith and RJ before his story ends.

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