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REVIEW: ‘Iron Fist’ Charges Right Into Our Lives And We Are Loving it

Published on March 26th, 2017 | Updated on March 26th, 2017 | By FanFest

Netflix has been on a role in the last few years. They did not only expand their services in the world, they also knew to steal our hearts with their many Netflix originals. For us Marvel fans, it has been a good few years with shows like Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Piece by piece they were artworks on their own and we couldn’t get enough of it. Now, we can add Iron Fist to that list.


The first thing I always like to compare is the theme songs and intros to the shows. When Daredevil came out I remembered loving it so much, that I didn’t skip the intro whenever I watched an episode. I do like Iron Fist’ intro, it has the same dramatic effect as the one Daredevil has or Jessica Jones’ for that matter. It has an experimental kind of sound and, believe it or not, it really fits into the concept. Even throughout the show, the intro showed up in exciting moments, but it could quickly change to something very Hip-Hop like.

Right from the start, Danny Rand was pretty odd in a sense. But there is so much to his character. You could see throughout the season, that he was still very young in spirit. He didn’t grow up the normal way and his childhood got taken from him at an early age. So, of course, when he came back into the new world, it wasn’t difficult to spot that he had a difficult time with adapting to it. He thought he would be met with open arms, but that wasn’t the case at all. People not wanting to believe he was actually Danny Rand, acting like he was crazy.

He’s still a kid that wanted to come back to people in their open arms. A family that he knew he still had left. But he got disappointed and everything is corrupted in this world. He’s trying to find his place in a world he’s not familiar with anymore. He’s not a businessman. He’s one to see good and bad in the world and wants to give everyone a fair chance. Even though, his vision got clouded many times. He always knew to come back from it.

The brother and sister, Joy and Ward Meachum, they are like any brother and sister. But what surprised me the most is how much anger Ward Meachum had. But, we all know from where he got that part (at least for the people that saw the full season already).

Harold Meachum is something else. How he got constricted into all of this (again, not going to give anything away) sounds all very strange. I might need to watch it again, maybe I have missed something about his story. I just couldn’t understand how he became the man he was. There was so much anger for the smallest things. Later in the episodes it was understandable what was happening to him.

Storyline/general description

The storyline got complicated really fast in the first and last few episodes (trust us, this is a spoiler free article). Some might think it’s a really slow build. I even heard a colleague of mine say that the first episode was ‘just a filler’. But, I don’t know. With a story you have to start somewhere and this is the way that Danny Rand got back into ‘real life’. It might have been a slow build, but there is so much more to the story. I cannot wait to see if there will be a second season. There are so many question that are still unanswered. Questions I won’t ask in this review, because I’m not about to spoil people’s watch time!

The fighting scenes were the ones that I enjoyed the most. The choreography of the scenes were absolutely perfect! It was build in a different way that they did for Daredevil, but it was just as awesome.

I was really scared to start watching the first season. I mostly don’t let other people their opinions get to me, but there were so many mixed reviews that I got really scared. But it was just as good as Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage.

Credits to Netflix and Marvel for the pictures.

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