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Review: ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’ Story Campaign (PS4)

Published on November 5th, 2019 | Updated on November 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

Call of Duty Modern Warfare campaign review

Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC
Release Date: October 25th, 2019 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Infinity Ward
Publisher: Activision

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare didn’t give us the usually look into it’s story this year. Part of it may be PlayStation not having a conference this year, as that’s where we usually see it. But a major part is the controversial nature of it’s campaign. While we’ve experienced it in pieces like in missions such as “No Russian”, real war hasn’t always been on display. Disregarding big set piece action from the series, Infinity Ward has prepared a more intimate look into warfare. Here is what we think of this risky reboot.

*DISCLAIMER – This is a review of just the campaign. We hope to complete our review of Spec Ops and the multiplayer soon.*

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare starts just as you expect. A covert team intent in treading lightly on foreign soil is here for one thing, stopping terrorists. A deadly gas is being transported, and it’s up to our protagonists to recover it first. After a quick entry, things seem to be going smoothly, but this being Call Of Duty we know that isn’t the case. During the exit with the gas, a quick attack occurs, and you are the lone survivor looking for help.

Call of Duty campaign review

“In Modern Warfare, Price is played by Barry Sloane, who does a masterful job at portraying our favorite soldier.”

This brings us to the return of one of Call Of Duty’s most beloved characters, Captain John Price. This man is a living legend, and he certainly seems to be that even with the timeline of this game. In Modern Warfare, Price is played by Barry Sloane, who does a masterful job at portraying our favorite soldier. Price is decisive and intense in everything he does as the events of the game transpire.

Speaking of intense, this is the name of the game. Call Of Duty has long depended on big explosions, slow motion, and unrealistic action to ensnare players. Modern Warfare drops all the breaching and screeching in favor of intensity and realism. The campaign draws you into a real conflict, not just a “hero must save the world” story. I’ve never been to war, but this definitely feels closer than the series has ever been.

Each mission has you with your head on a swivel. There are many moments where I double-checked rooms to keep for being shot by surprise. To spell out the intensity for you, in one mission you must clear a terrorist house. It’s just a normal house, very vertical to save space in a tight neighborhood. Price and team in tow, you move room by room, floor by floor killing who you must. The first room is simple, given all are talking about terrorist activity. Every other one leaves you questioning. I shot one man who held a woman hostage, only for her to dive for a gun once he was down. As you can see, things are pretty stressful, and they continue.

“I loved cleaning out the terrorist house, but it only takes around five minutes.”

This game feels good to play. Because of a solid team behind them, most Call Of Duty games do. Infinity Ward decided to put a new engine into this one, and it certainly seems to have paid off. As a result of the effort put in, the gameplay is as smooth as butter. During one of the missions, there’s a moment where you get a high-powered sniper rifle. You get an opportunity to watch bullet drop and wind come into play as you play through this one. I bring up the sniper because of the above discussion, the feel. It feels like you’re blasting away with something high caliber.

The amount of stealth missions in this campaign is somewhat surprising. There are three right off the bat I can remember, and two are arguably some of the largest in the game. I’m sure this adds to the feeling of intensity, and it’s a good choice. One of my few complaints? Some of the missions feel a bit short. I loved cleaning out the terrorist house, but it only takes around five minutes. Call Of Duty campaigns tend to be short, but with this one I just wanted to play more.

If there was more campaign to play, I would definitely want to do more surrounding Farah Karim. She is the leader of the Urzikstan rebels who are fighting to keep their country safe from the Russian military. You play plenty of stuff that involves her, especially later in the game (although we will leave that alone due to spoilers). She is a driven and strong woman, very well developed by Infinity Ward. Farah is also involved in two extremely controversial parts of Call Of Duty, a water boarding scene and another I again will avoid because of spoilers.

Call of Duty campaign review

If there was more campaign to play, I would definitely want to do more surrounding Farah Karim.

These are moments you may not believe exist in a game, but they do. To me, this is important for this series. Campaigns with big crazy set piece stories have been fine for Call Of Duty so far, but it’s time someone showed war atrocities for what they are. The things that happen in war are truly horrific.

Once the campaign reaches its final gunshot, it isn’t necessarily as strong as it’s beginning. There isn’t a great moment of betrayal like General Shepherd’s in Modern Warfare 2. Likewise the ending doesn’t match chucking a knife into the aforementioned General’s eye. But in the end, there still is a feeling of satisfaction as you watch the credits roll.

This is arguably the best campaign in a Call Of Duty game in years. Modern Warfare is where the series gained its huge following and this is where it comes back. While some would argue Black Ops is the premiere franchise, Modern Warfare will still carry Call Of Duty to its highest heights. After a missing campaign last year, Modern Warfare brought it back with a bang. Despite an uneven ending, I love what Infinity Ward did with Captain Price, Farah, and this new chapter of Modern Warfare. Hopefully any cries of controversy will subside and Infinity Ward sees this is the direction to continue this series.

*Review code was provided from our partners at Activision. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Click your corresponding system in order to purchase your digital copy now!

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