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Resurfaced Mississippi Bigfoot Video Sparks Debate

Published on September 11th, 2023 | Updated on September 11th, 2023 | By FanFest

Resurfaced Mississippi Bigfoot Video Sparks Debate: A Detailed Look at the Footage and its Impact on the Cryptid Community

Resurfaced Mississippi Bigfoot Video Sparks Debate

Mississippi’s Mysterious Creature Caught on Video: Rekindling the Bigfoot Debate

Back in 2015, Josh Highcliffe, a seasoned hog hunter, took to the woods near Tunica, Mississippi, for a hunting expedition but ended up capturing something extraordinary on camera. Highcliffe’s footage, initially shared on YouTube, has resurfaced and is reigniting discussions about the legendary creature known as Bigfoot. With more than 800,000 views and counting, the video shows what appears to be a Sasquatch in its natural habitat, further fueling debates over the creature’s existence.

Highcliffe’s video stands as a compelling addition to the Bigfoot canon, which gained mainstream attention with the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film in 1967. In the resurfaced clip, viewers can see a large, dark figure seemingly pulling bark off a tree, prompting some to claim it’s the most convincing Bigfoot footage to date.

A Chilling Encounter Nine Miles West of Tunica

In this 2-minute video captured just nine miles from Tunica, Highcliffe describes the heart-pounding moment that led him to film what he initially thought was a hog. He said, “I heard a noise behind the tree I was sitting on,” and then noticed a “huge black thing crouched by a dead cypress” about 50 yards away from him. To his surprise, the entity was not a hog but an imposing creature with large shoulders, hands, and an upright head. The creature’s actions, focused on pulling bark from a tree trunk, were clearly visible in the video.

“My first instinct was to run; I didn’t even think of shooting. I was petrified. Everything seemed to slow down,” Highcliffe shared in the video description. “I started recording with my iPhone. My hands were trembling so much that I accidentally stopped the recording, but I quickly resumed it. As I heard a truck in the distance, the creature rose to its full height, prompting me to flee. Based on my experience as a hunter, that thing had to be at least 7 feet tall. No way was that a bear.”

Social Media Reactions: Convincing Evidence or Masterful Hoax?

The reemergence of the video has drawn significant attention, especially from viewers who find it to be remarkably convincing. Commenters have ranged from lifelong skeptics, now second-guessing their doubts, to believers citing the footage as the best they’ve ever seen. “This is the most convincing evidence supporting Bigfoot’s existence,” one comment reads. Another adds, “I’ve always been skeptical, but this footage has me seriously reconsidering.”

The Ongoing Debate: Bigfoot’s Existential Saga Continues

Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, as it’s also known, has been the subject of intense debates and myriad sightings for decades, although the creature’s mythical history dates back even further. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization reports that Washington State leads the United States in credible sightings, with a whopping 708 incidents. California, Florida, Ohio, and Illinois also feature prominently on the list of top states for Bigfoot sightings.

Evidence supporting the creature’s existence varies from photographs and audio recordings to hair samples and footprint casts. The Patterson-Gimlin film, shot in 1967 in Northern California, remains one of the most iconic pieces of Bigfoot evidence, despite being surrounded by controversy and skepticism.

Conclusion: A Revived Conversation on the Enigmatic Creature

Josh Highcliffe’s resurfaced footage offers a new chapter in the enduring saga of Bigfoot, inviting both skeptics and believers to revisit the debate on the cryptid’s existence. Whether viewed as a persuasive piece of evidence or a masterful piece of hoax artistry, the video undoubtedly rekindles the conversation around one of the most enigmatic legends in American folklore. As the views continue to climb, so does the intrigue, proving that the allure of Bigfoot remains as strong as ever.

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