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Remember Today Doesn’t Have To Be The Last Day

Published on June 12th, 2018 | Updated on June 12th, 2018 | By FanFest

As the news of suicide has shocked the entertainment news twice last week, it reminds us that no-one is immune to depression. With the death of fashion designer Kate Spade and the multi-talented Anthony Bourdain becoming breaking news last week we were once again reminded just how fragile mental health issues can be.  The misconception that good looks, fame and wealth somehow can mean that you have no reason to be depressed has long since plagued society. Hollywood and the music industry has seen it’s fair share of suicides from singer and DJ Avicii who lost his battle just a couple of months ago to the death of comedy legend Robin Williams, who will always have our heart.  When suicide claims the life of celebrities it brings the topic to the forefront.  The truth of the matter is depression does not discriminate. Depression does not care if you are celebrity or rich. The only goal it has is to tear you down from the inside out. The voices will tell you that no one loves you, that no one can love you.  Even if you’re a celebrity with fans and followers, depression will make you blind to them all.  Depression is a battle that you fight daily.  There are some days that you are battling from the moment you wake up until you go to bed.  The key is finding friends and family that will stand by you and fight this battle with you.

If you are to be blessed to among the those who do not suffer from depression or other mental illness, then I am truly happy for you. However, you may have a friend or family member who is suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts.  Symptoms are not always obvious but there are some warning signs that you can look for in your loved one.

  • Talking about suicide — for example, making statements such as “I’m going to kill myself,” “I wish I were dead” or “I wish I hadn’t been born”
  • Getting the means to take their life, such as buying a gun or stockpiling pills
  • Withdrawing from social contact and wanting to be left alone
  • Having mood swings, such as being emotionally high one day and deeply discouraged the next
  • Being preoccupied with death, dying or violence
  • Feeling trapped or hopeless about a situation
  • Increasing use of alcohol or drugs
  • Changing normal routine, including eating or sleeping patterns
  • Doing risky or self-destructive things, such as using drugs or driving recklessly
  • Giving away belongings or getting affairs in order when there’s no other logical explanation for doing this
  • Saying goodbye to people as if they won’t be seen again
  • Developing personality changes or being severely anxious or agitated, particularly when experiencing some of the warning signs listed above.

These are just some of the symptoms that need to be watched for in someone you feel may be suffering from suicidal thoughts.  However, for every celebrity death that is reported, there have been hundreds of other lives lost to suicide this week. Families have lost their moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, boyfriends, girlfriends and best friends.  The heartbreaking thing about suicide is the families left behind who have to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts and learn to live their lives without their loved ones.

Here is some important information for anyone who feels they may be in danger of harming themselves. Please reach out. If you have friends and family reach out to them. If you don’t ask for help they may not know you need it. If you don’t feel that asking them for help is an option here are some resources please contact one of these.

Online Suicide Prevention Chat

Text Home to 741741 Crisis Text Line

I will also leave you with this thought: “Be Kind Always, Because Everyone Is Fighting A Battle You May Know Nothing About”


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